Monday 17 February 2020


Sometime during the summer I noticed that there was a small bookcase in the alleyway and it seemed you could take books from there and leave any you didn't want.  The bookcase became a book-shop and suddenly  Poros had a small lending library.  

The back alley way

Eventually I got around to visiting and left three books, two of them french, that a friend had given to me.  It's  a small room with children's books  and books in greek, english, french and half a dozen other languages.  What a terrific idea.  Bravo Poros Municipality.
Tourists, yachties, locals, anyone can step in and find something to read.

Books have always been hard to come by here. 
When one is left by visitors it goes from one foreigner to the other.
We used to have bazaars at Christmas and Easter,  run by the foreign residents and in aid of the stray animals on the island.   Books were a big part of the second hand items being sold. I always came away with an armful.  The stray animal society PAWS (Poros Animal Welfare) was taken over by local greeks and slowly the bazaars and book fairs came to a halt. A good english book became hard to find unless you wanted to pay 20 euros at the bookshop for a brand new book.  I started to buy secondhand books online, from mainly.  Alibris was a revelation,   I could suddenly order books that I actually wanted to read instead of making do with whatever came my way.  I can buy a book (paperback) for 1 euro and with postage of 6 euros they are at a price well within my range.

Mustn't  forget kindle either.  I was introduced to this by my brother and neice who brought me one for my birthday. Another  revelation. More cheap books, as many as I wanted on one device the size of a novella.
I didn't think I would like reading from this cold electronic device. Amazing how quickly I got used to it. Now I have kindle on my phone. A book to read whatever my mood and as long as the 'machine' is charged. 

I went through the books in the Poros library  but only came away with one this time, a slim volume which will fit in any of my handbags so I will always have a back-up when coffee time at the cafeteria becomes a male political or football debate.  Looks interesting but I haven't started it yet.  

I am currently reading 'An Adventure' by Artemis Cooper.  
A biography of Patrick Leigh Fermor.

On my kindle I'm reading
100 Days of Solitude by
Daphne Kapsali
100 days on a small greek island in winter, time to write in solitude. She's part greek so it's not the usual 'i visited Greece for 3 months and wrote a book about it' nonsense.

I chose a slim volume which fits in my bag.  A bag without a book...........


  1. A book exchange is a great idea for a small town. Our local town has one in an old telephone box. Small but packed with books!

    1. Love the telephone box idea! All you need is a book case, as long as it is stuffed with books!!!

  2. A library! Locally... Lovely...

    Something which so many of us, take for granted.

    That 'Native Land' looks like fun, but my library system doesn't seem to have it.

    1. I still haven't read that book. It's sitting in my bag still waiting for a dull moment at the café.

  3. I've been reading a few books lately, usually I read historical fiction but I've bought one about an american lady who marries a nomad - sounds relaly interesting.

    1. That sounds like my type of book. What's the title?

  4. Hi there!

    I keep seeing a post (Lentils and Beans) as having been published here. But when I come, it is not here. ???????? -smile-


  5. I love my kindle. There is a Facebook page that shows you when there are free books. I now have so many books on my kindle I’m sure I’ll never read them all lol

    1. I used to download loads of free books. Read a lot of books I normally wouldn't have looked at and enjoyed them . I am going to look for that Facebook page. Thanks!

  6. That would be an easy place to spend a happy hour browsing!

  7. How lovely to see a library spring from nothing, then grow and expand! I hope you find some more interesting books there - the one you chose looks like a good one for dipping into - all our secrets revealed, perhaps!