Tuesday 4 February 2020


We have juiced almost all those lemons and given 2 bags away to friends that live in the city.  

Thank goodness I had a juicing assissant.  He started off in the kitchen and then went out to his work bench to get out of my way.  Piles of lemon 'shells' went into the compost.

Bottles of juice have gone into the freezer.  

I'm wondering if I can make limoncelo using tsipouro (raki/grapa) as the alcohol.  I'm certainly going to try it.  This year's visitors are in for a treat.  Fresh lemonade and fire water-limoncelo.


  1. I gave not yet tried limoncelo, although several friends have said how much they enjoy it. Would the huge pile of lemon carcasses alter the PH balance of your compost?

    1. Yes, I'm sure all those lemons are not good for the compost. At the moment there is a layer of ash, a layer of lemons and I've just pulled a lot of clover and now there's a layer of that. not the best combo. This a large compost pile and it is left for a few of years till we put any of it on the garden. My other compost is smaller and I'm more careful of the contents

  2. How wonderful to have all that juice. I drink diluted Lemon juice every day, but have to buy mine.

  3. I squeeze lemon juice into my water glass. I don't like plain water.