Saturday 12 January 2013

Jamie had a haircut - Zorro rules !
Poetry day today; Odysseas Elytis was born November 2, 101 years ago.
Billy goat gruff - an independent soul
I often meet him on the road down and if  you stop
he comes galloping over to see if you have a crust or some
rotting peel for him
Danae.....well, her kids did very well in their swimming
class this summer.  Nels has a great style and has more than outstroked
all the other little girls in her class.  She got two medals and would have
continued over the winter - if Poros had a heated pool
Captain Kyriakos with the 'Socrates' on Teachers Island
At the wheel coming into Poros harbour
Half a ton of wood ready to be cut up and stacked for the winter.
Gone is the grass after the driest summer in 80 years.
Gone is the swing - till next summer
Now in the winter it is green with wild sorrel and potato plants
and the wood is dwindling fast
Kostas salted the first black olives
The rustic rocker now painted green
And the five bamboo chairs have been painted green as well.
A helluva job.  Took many days to cover all the surfaces and get in all
the cracks...3 times