Monday 17 February 2020

Lentils and Beans

This was accidently published a few days ago and then deleted.  Here it is again.

Preparing for a family feast of lentils and of beans
They are rarely eaten 'orfano',  on their own.
Traditionally they are accompanied by salted fish, feta cheese and olives to make the meal complete.  At a family feast there are a few more dishes on the table too

Preparing, de-salting, the salted sardines
Each sardine is rinsed well and then has its backbone removed.  The salted sardine is sold headless
Sardines are then covered in olive oil with a squirt of vinegar

And on to the smoked mackeral
This is sold head and all.  The skin, bones and head must be removed, then it is put on a plate with olive oil and lemon juice

Big slices of feta cheese
Made from a mix of sheep and goat's milk

Fresh bread
An essential on a greek dinner table

Mackeral in the photo above
Sardines in the photo below

More protein in the feta cheese pies
Not an essential at a lentil and bean feast but helps the main course go down for those not crazy about legumes

A big plate of lentil soup
Made with tomato, lots of garlic, bay leaf and onions

Black-eyed beans made into a salad
The beans are mixed with onion, parsley, lemon juice and oil

Brown lentils are the traditional lentils cooked here and we eat them about every other  week, or so.  Most families eat lentils, dried beans or chickpeas at least once a week.  We have lentils more often than beans or chickpeas but one of those is on our table every week, maybe twice a week.
To absorb all the iron and nutrients in lentils apparently we should eat them with rice.  Another popular way of cooking the brown lentils is indeed with rice.  Fakorizo is lentil-rice. 


  1. Ahhhhh, here it is!!!!!!!! At last!!!! -grin-

    Beans and chickpeas, etc.... Good for you!


    1. Lentils are healthy and the bean salad is yum but accompaniments are a bit salty.

  2. Yup. Grew up on lentils and Greek bean soup. Fasolatha
    I used to make it for my kids as well. They loved it. Especially if I baked the bread.

    1. You have good greek roots!!
      Mmm I often toast bread to go with it and sprinkle the bread with olive oil and oregano.

  3. I must make some Fakorizo it sounds good. We cook up a mix of rice, soup mix which includes lentils, split peas, barley etc., grated carrot, beetroot and kumara with turmeric coconut oil and oats for Sophie (Labrador) and always say it is good enough to eat so will try the Fakorizo recipe.

    1. Sophie is well fed!!
      I don't particularly like fakorizo but my grandkids love it so its not all that bad.
      Try some grated carrot in your fakorizo too

  4. I do eat lentils and pulses quite often but they do have an unfortunate side effect.

    1. Don't they just!!
      Have to be careful when I go out in the afternoon