Sunday 2 June 2019


Homemade 'Baileys'
or maybe the proper title should be
Homemade Whisky (or whiskey) Cream

one tin of condensed milk
1 cup of cream
2 cups of whisky - taste it, you may like more
1 spoon instant coffee granules
3 spoons some sort of cocoa or drinking chocolate


The recipe says that high speed blenders may make the mix curdle.  Mine didn't curdle but our little mixer is a slow old thing.  I was thinking of using a stick blender on the next batch.   They're great for mayo, it never separates this way.  

It keeps in the fridge for up to 2 months.  Didn't last that long in our fridge, or out of it!  

I've just found a recipe for this liqueur made with vodka.  My visitors brought us loads of vodka and it did cross my mimd to use some this way but we all agreed, then, that it needed that bite and flavour that whisky has.  However, having run out of whisky and with a can of condensed milk in the cupboard and 2 bottles of vodka in the bar I just might give it a try!

Brandy wouldn't be too bad either.

I've seen mint flavoured Baileys.  There is no mint essence available  here so I'd have to make my own sort of mint flavouring  with mint leaves   That's one twist I might try.

Someone brought a bottle of whisky for K's name day and there's always a tin of condensed milk on hand.  I can see another bottle of whisky liqueur coming up.  I'll have to wait till he opens it though before I pinch a little.  It's black label, slightly better than the usual 'Johnny'.



  1. Ohhhh wow!!!!!!

    Yummmmmm, yummmmm, yummmmmm.....


    Gentle hugs...

  2. It sounds so delicious, there's no ingredient I do not like.

    1. Nothing which has cream and condensed milk can be bad!

  3. Replies
    1. I don't which were better, the liqueur or the buns!

  4. Looks great. Have you ever made Baileys fudge?

  5. OMG.My late Mother had that recipe given to her(at least 50+ years ago)& I got it from her.As you say it definitely does not last 2 mths in the fridge because it is too good to keep that long. lol


    1. I'm itching to make another batch. Have to ge that whisky opened

  6. No low-cal version then? xx

    1. Low cal condensed milk? Alcohol free whisky? Nahhhh Just suck up those calories!