Tuesday, 4 June 2019


I recently discovered Instagram and there's no holding me back.  I'm always reluctant to start something new but once I've begun, hold on to your horses!

My grandson downloaded the app and told me the basics and I was up and off.  I can go jogging with my neice in New Zealand, follow Christine's garden in the US, marvel at photos of NZ scenery, admire the work of fellow knitters and crocheters world wide.  It's fun.

Instagram is just that, instant.  You post a photo, add a few words and it's 'out there' for all your friends and family.   

I often post photos on Instagram when I am sitting at a cafeteria drinking coffee and am bored stiff listening to Greek men debating.

Sunday was a cafeteria day.  We went down early to vote, once again.  

After voting we crossed the road and sat at the 'Green chairs' right on the quay side.

You can see how bored I was by the number of photos I posted.  

Voted again this morning but only a repeat of the 
District elections.  In and out in 2 minutes and no gauntlet of last minute vote gatherers outside this time

Left my keys in the ignition while I went to vote.  No danger here of losing  my machine to a joy rider or bike robber.  Who would want it anyway?

Watching the antics as this 'Dream boat' charter came in to land.  Wouldn't like to have the boat next to them.  They came in sideways, the boys frantically putting out bolsters, the girls laughing and obviously enjoying yet another drink.  I obviously had nothing better to do than watch them.

I told him right from the start I wasn't going to feed him yet he decided to stay with us.  Sorry, pussy cat, all we've got are potato crisps

The yacht harbour is full.  A sure sign summer is here

Lots of activity in the harbour.  Another catamaran comes in, the car ferry has just passed and the big ferry from Athens is doing an extremely wide turn before backing in to the wharf

Pascal, our tireless waitress, ran back and forwards across the road with loaded trays before returning to tables of locals waving hands and calling 'Pascal, Pascal'.  She has endless patience.

Later on we watched greek tennis player Stephanos Tsitsipas get beaten by  Wawrinka.

You can find me on Instagram under the name



  1. Ha, ha. I use Instagram to follow the progress of my lovely niece and her two beautiful little ones - (biased? Moi??). I shall look you up and stalk you!

    1. I follow all my nephews and nieces too. Biased? Definitely!
      Come and stalk!

  2. I went down the "IG hole" too. But got pretty discouraged, by the gorrrrgeous pics posted there!!!!

    Perfect corners of perfect houses. Perfect gardens. Perfect _photos_. Perfect this and perfect that. And I Don't Do Perfect. LOL

    So I just follow a few people, and mostly just look and move on. Which is not my way of net interaction. :-(

    The worst part of IG, is that people find it so easy, that they give up blogging. And blogging is my forever love.

    Anyway, that's my take on IG.

    Have fun.

    But don't give up blogging. Please.... Blogging allows so much more, to be conveyed. One needs words, to convey more than just a peek at a pic.

    And as for "Likes," you can _buy_ them!!!! So it's no big deal, to have a zillion likes. Who knows if they are real, or bought?

    I'm testy because having teeth troubles. Nothing like this, to make me testy. -pout-

    1. I'm not giving up blogging that's for sure. I like the 'writing' part so much, even if my blog is one of those 'isnt life great' blogs. My family all read my blog and I try to keep it positive.
      IG is for family and friends too and I don't hesitate to block anyone who seems a bit creepy.
      I must admit it's more fun following others. Love seeing what others create and photos of my homeland give me loads of pleasure.
      Hope your toothy problems come to a quick and painless end!

  3. I’m on Instagram too. I like it as it’s easy to share pics and short videos to Facebook as well. Just one click

    1. I used to have s Facebook page but deleted it a couple of years ago and haven't missed it. Too much nasty stuff and things I just didn't want to see and read.

  4. Instagram is what it says, and may be partly why I have slowed down blogging. But I still like the story of blogs. Always enjoy your posts of island life and what goes on at sea.

    1. Thanks! I love looking at all the photos on IG. My blog posts are just what I observe. Even after 43 years it's still all foreign lol
      But you know what it's like yourself

  5. I haven't tried Instagram and don't intend to - enough to fill my time with blogging and FB which I just use to keep up with friends and relations. Good to see summer has arrived for you. Cold and windy here today.

    1. Getting sunburnt today but a lovely breeze

  6. Super photos LA. Facebook and the like have never appealed. Its just all too much gossip and people being nosey.

    1. Facebook intruded on my life. I'm glad I deleted!

  7. I'm on instagram and facebook. I'll add you on the first one.