Tuesday 9 November 2021


 I'm beginning to understand how it is to live in a country with dreary grey winter weather. How people can suffer from SAD.

We have had endless, it seems to me, days of foggy chilly mornings, misty days with just a glimpse of midday sun. Then chilly damp foggy evenings. Long long evenings. It's dark outside but it's only 6pm. How can that be.

Yet it's not cold enough for a friendly fire. Some of that dust they say is Saharan dust.  It just seems dull and cheerless and chilly.

We need a good north wind to blow all that greyness away and let the sun shine again.

And that damn covid thing is hanging around as well. Cases have gone from 1,000 a day to over 8,000. We should be getting our third vaccine jab in a few days.

Gloom gloom go away.

Don't come back another day


  1. 8,000 a day….on the island or the whole of Greece? That’s a huge number. Delta came to Victoria and won’t go away either. The government opened up accepting the consequences- we’re averaging 1000 per day but it’s going down slowly…very slowly

    Did you mean a northerly (from the north bringing cold air) or a southerly from the south with hopefully nice warm air?

    Down here our northerlies (usually very strong) can be a problem on hot hot days….they make everyone grumpy and fan bushfires.

  2. Poros has only 4,000 population so it's for the whole of Greece.
    Southerlies bring warm winds from the Sahara . That's why we have that damn dust.
    Northerlies bring cold winds from the Russian steppe . At the momet that's just what we need.
    2 hours later I woke up to sunshine , clear skies and a strong north wind.
    So much for SAD

  3. Ha, sounds like you are experiencing our kind of weather. Just be thankful that yours doesn't last for 6 months like ours 😁

    1. Yes. I seem to have forgotten what winters like here. Got used to that endless darn sunshine.
      And now here it is again. As expected

  4. 8000 for the whole of Greece isn't many. 10 million population. Get a grip on things Linda. Most of them will hardly be much more ill than a cold. I think it is about time stats were banned. I have had three jabsn for the sake of keeping up my part of the bargain. That is that is far as I am concerned and hopefully all the promises about travel will one day happen and testing will vanish for ever. I don't think you will ever suffer from SAD, you are always happy.

    1. No I'll never be sad, hopefully. 8,000 probably isn't much but the hospital's seem to be splitting at their seams. I shouldn't watch the damn news. Gloom and doom.
      I wasn't going to write about damn covid again. It was that predawn restlessness and the expectation of more grey skies .
      Now all that's blown away

  5. It has cooled a little but I'm so looking forward to being able to put a blanket on the bed at last. I like bed to feel a bit snuggly.

  6. I suffer from SAD. It’s two weeks, almost, into November and we are still having cold, wet and miserable weather

    I so long to bake in the hot sun might take the chill out of my bones

  7. Gloom does get you down after a while.