Monday 8 November 2021

Another Day Another Saint

 Today is the feast day of Archangels Michael and Gabriel.  Many names for us to celebrate, not just Michael (Mihali) and Gabriel (Gavriel).

There's Angela and Angelos, Stamati (Maki) and Matina.

Tomorrow 9th November we celebrate a local Saint. Agios Nektarios (Saint Nektarios).

His 'headquarters' are on the next door island of Aegina. Thousands will descend upon the island and go up to the Monastery and the church where his remains lie to light a candle, kiss his icon and listen to the services.  Last year the nuns had covid and there were no festivities. This year only the vaccinated are supposed to enter the church suitably masked. That church or any church. 

Sitting outside to hear the service

Our closest little chapel is also dedicated to Agios Nektarios. I walk up there most days on my walks. Today I dressed a little more formally and arrived as the service began. I had forgotten my mask but the candles were outside so I put a euro in the box and bought 2 candles, one for me and one in memory of my parents . My mother's birthday is on November 11. She would be 104 (correct me if I'm wrong family).

I didn't stay, it was getting dark and after dark wolves are out and roaming around here. Or so it seems to me on this rural road.

Anyway, a Greek orthodox service goes over my head. After 45 years  it's still mainly 'kyria leison' God have mercy and Amen that I understand.

11th November 
Saint Minas
Saint Victor

14th November
Saint Phillipos 

And so it goes on


  1. I dislike being out by myself after dark, especially on foot - but not because of wolves!

    1. It's barking dogs that give me a scare. They might as well be wolves when it's dark

  2. I think I might put my 'saints day almanac' in the cupboard under the stairs. You have one almost every day! How do you all do anything else but visit chapels?

    1. Thank goodness there's not a chapel for every saint around here. But there are about 5 to St John and they all celebrate on a different day

  3. Yes my parents rang me I never remember my names day
    Getting home before dark is always I good idea I think
    Safe and sound inside your home
    Happy heavenly birthday to your mum

  4. After 3 years, I am finally getting the hang of Orthodox services, but I'm sure in Greece I would be lost. Mostly because I don't know Greek, haha. May your Mom's memory be eternal...I do love the memorial services, they are quite beautiful.