Wednesday, 4 March 2020

Wishing You a Good 40 Days

Clean Monday - March 2  2020

Kali Sarakosti is the greeting today. 
May you have a good Forty-Days of Lent.

We had a big family celebration

The situation on the Turkish greek border is very tense and the Turkish leader is bombarding his people with fake news saying the Greeks are shooting refugees and letting mothers and children die. Meanwhile he sends thousands more, where there is no hope, to the closed greek border and threatens us that Greeks too will end up like the Syrians and have to run like dogs.

The Corona virus is spreading very slowly. There are nine cases now. No one here is in a panic. There is worse to face.

Here is our celebration of the beginning of Lent, Clean Monday

The wood oven was fired up. We cooked flat bread, octopus and dried beans

The king in his castle, as my s-in-law says

Fish roe dip - taramasalata
Made from bread, salted fish eggs, lemon juice and lots of olive oil

Grilled octopus
Being cut up for a snack with ouzo

The youngest learns to knead bread
She did a magnificent job. It rose and rose and rose

Two laganas
Flat bread that we eat today

Sea eggs
Kina in NZ 
We scoop out the orange 'stuff' with the bread and lots of lemon juice
Can't stand them myself
A lot of them were empty. The moon is not in the right phase for sea urchins full of food

Argentinian shrimp
Grilled on the BBQ 
Peeled and eaten as-is

The highlight of the Lenten table, 'risotto' with mussels, shrimps and kalamari.
The 'rice' is that fat rice-like macaroni, called orzo I think. It is boiled in the water that the shrimps were steamed in. 
Simple and delicious.

We didn't eat too much. It's not that sort of meal. But as usual some drank too much ouzo. There was dancing and we had a fall but fortunately there were no broken bones, just broken glasses.

The men partied on as usual. 
Mothers  and children went up onto the road and flew a kite. That's another tradition on this day.  

Mothers, Nana and tall grandchild then had a friendly gossip on the front balcony. Time to relax, have a smoke, a beer and catch up on family life.

Younger grandchildren had a 'picnic' in the old water reservoir under the balcony. Dirty, smelly, probably full of spiders and apparently lots of fun. They then 'migrated' to the bedrooms, closed all the shutters, turned out the lights, hid in the dark under dusty beds and desks, flashing torches at each other. I imagine that's what they do anyway. 'Dark room' is a favourite game. 

As usual it all ended with women in the kitchen washing dishes, clearing tables, clearing balconies, re-arranging chairs  and tables and finally sweeping and mopping and removing many bags of rubbish.

A good time was had in parts by some.


  1. "Meanwhile he sends thousands more, where there is no hope, to the closed greek border..." Now do you say, Europe is not really being flooded, with people of the Muslim faith?

    I am glad you had a lovely Lent Beginning Celebration.

    Don't particularly like it, that it is still women, who do all the cleaning up. But I don't live there.

    Be safe...

    1. Not all refugees are Muslims. The families fleeing Syria need help and sympathy. We really could be in their shoes one day.
      It's the numbers of aggressive young guys who are just looking for a better life and cause endless problems, fighting, selling drugs and worse that I object too.

  2. Replies
    1. Definitely!! Yesterday I watched TV and had a long siesta. Dear hubby had a headache ... Hmmm
      Today I'm slowly cleaning floors and washing t-towels..etc.
      And trying to fix phone and big computer. The kids must have pulled some wires when hiding under the desk.. good on em. I let them run wild here

  3. Wishing you a good 40 days of Lent as well. Love the wood oven and all the food except, perhaps, the Kina but I have never eaten them. They don't look very appetising to me.

    1. Kina taste like seawater. Some in the family love them. I dont

  4. All very traditional sounding. I use Orzo regularly, but it's always in soup; I've never tried using it in place of rice. It all looks delicious; even if the clearing up afterwards was a pain!

    1. We often use orzo instead of rice. I don't particularly like orzo either but made into a risotto it was tasty.
      We have a dishwasher but cleaning up is a lot more than washing a few plates. You're right, it is a pain

  5. That sounds like a great meal and family day.

    1. Good food, good company. We leave the serious drinkers to themselves and the rest of us enjoy the day in other ways

  6. Nice to see the effort she is putting into that kneading - my helper flags after a couple of minutes.

    Are you okay, Linda? (You sound a little bit - tired.)

    1. I am tired! Physically and mentally. It takes 3 days to put the house together afterwards and for certain people to recover. And we've got it all over again mid April for Easter.
      Then there are viruses and other threats. All I want is peace to do some knitting...for a while at least!
      My little helper is 12 now and she's only a slight little kid but with strong hands. There was almost 2 kilos of flour there, serious kneading!! I think it's the rowing they do, though she has vowed out of that now

    2. In that case I wish I could whisk you up and bring you here (I guess it would have to be tele-transportation for the sake of speed) for a spot of R&R, then when you were ready you could natter and knit with Miss Read. No cooking, no cleaning. Plenty of peace. You would go home refreshed and ready to resume normal life.

    3. Abracadabra I'm on my way!! Miss Read and I would get on very well. I could listen to her stories and she could probably teach me a lot about knitting too.

  7. Do you know that I have never tried Kina ever? But I am hoping to do so once we move up to the far north again. As for the virus we've had I think 4 confirmed cases here, like most illness people go mad, crazy and barmy and behave like internet keyboard warriors, it's sad the way some become.

    1. If you like shellfish generally you may like kina but to me they have the taste of the sea but not worth the effort.
      The panic has been made to appear worse by the media. I did buy toilet paper yesterday but no panic buying!