Monday 1 July 2019

Saints Peter and Paul and the Apostles

The last of the June church celebrations

29th June
Apostles Petros and Pavlos
Peter and Paul to you

We have a few friends with these names so we'll be visiting or phoning on their name day to wish them 'Kronia Polla', many years in good health 

30th June
A general commemoration of all the Apostles. 
Another name day, this time for those named Apostolos, after the Apostles

1 July
Two Saints, Kosmas and Damianos, known as the Saints Anagyroi
Brothers and Physicians and martyrs of course
There is a small church at the top of the island dedicated to them.  In the early morning it is a good healthy walk up hill and then along a narrow track to attend the service and and enjoy the  view.

The Chapel dedicated to the Saints Anagyri

The view from the Chapel down over the main town on the island


  1. The church in my native Surrey village was dedicated to St Peter and St Paul; I never thought to ask why.

  2. Here it would have been because someone found a miraculous icon in the field so they built a church over the spot

  3. Great spot to enjoy the views.

  4. But there must be more, coming up, in July!!!!!!!!!!! :-))))

  5. The chapel is so lovely! And the view is amazing. Many a time I wish I could walk to church. But here in the U.S., we end up driving everywhere.