Friday 24 November 2023

Dogs and Drugs

 To continue on from the last post.....

If you don't own a dog or are more of a cat person, like me, then big barking dogs are fearsome beasts. 

Years ago when we lived in town I used to walk around the smaller  island in the morning.  On the back road there was a small herd of sheep guarded by two dogs.  The sheep were usually found down a small bank near the sea and could only be heard but not seen.  Somewhere nearby were the dogs.  Every damn time I walked that road they would suddenly leap out at me barking and snarling.  

I knew more or less where they were but their appearance was  so sudden and so menacing that I almost had a heart attack.  I was so angry at being frightened that I would shriek at them and run passed.    In the end I stopped walking that way altogether.  It was too much for my nerves.

A few of our neighbours have hunting dogs but they are kept under control and are well fenced in.  Hunters are not keen on losing a good hound.  There's a sweet little white dog called Snoopy who runs free.  He barks like mad protecting the house and grounds but will actually wag his tail when approached.  He's the epitome of  'his bark is worse than his bite'.

Then there are the other dogs. Big and noisy. Behind fences but free. They follow me along the fence line barking and growling.

Unfortunately there are some on almost every route I take.

My girls both have dogs and I am quite happy to dog-sit them on occasion, and give them back again.  They are dogs I know and trust.  Unlike the 'strange' dogs I meet or hear on my daily ramblings.

Now for sneakers on  powerlines.

This appears to be a worldwide phenomenon.

They've appeared in Beijing, Beverly Hills, Chicago, Spain, Lebanon and now Poros. Australia apparently is a 'hotbed of errant show throwing'.

Wikipedia calls it 'folk sport' and there's a site called 'Shoefiti' that apparently tracks hanging shoes.

Does it mean

-that this is a place for drug deals

-or is it a commemoration of a wedding or the end of the school year. 

Scratching of head..??? Ehhhh?

-that someone was just bored and had nothing else to do with their old trainers.

-its simply a prank

-a young guy who lives nearby lost his virginity

-its a form of art

Heavens to mergatroyd, what else will I hear.

The only young boy who lives anywhere near is 10 years old and his idea of fun is doing wheelies on his bike so I'm crossing that off the list.

It's not the end of the school year and no one around here has got married recently.

A place for drug deals?

Beside the rubbish bins way out in the wop-wops? 

 It's out in the middle of nowhere but cars and bikes pass now and again and there are local farmers in their olive groves, herding sheep or cutting wood. Two shady characters hanging around under dangling shoes would stick out like a sore thumb.

There are drug dealers and users on the island but I doubt anyone would wind 5 kms up the mountain to get their dose. However whether it's true or it's an urban myth it's known even by my young granddaughter, who does Not buy drugs or use them.

As for it being a work of art.
No way! Naaa, not these ones.

I'm still voting for a stupid joke by the rubbish men who found an old pair of trainers in the bin, climbed up on top of the truck and tied them there.

I got bored googling the damn things. 


  1. I completely feel for you. I am also nervous around dogs that I do not know. I have a specific walking route for that very reason. Most of the dogs I walk past are in fenced yards and are just barking because they see me walking. There is one huge Great Dane that is sometimes "loose" when its owners are also outside. I actually stopped and asked if I could meet the dog so I wouldn't be frightened of it. The dog is somewhat more frightened of me! However it is never out on its own.
    We get the shoes on the wires here in Canada, too. I was always told it had to do with a drug house, but I suspect now it's just something to do by bored people and has no particular meaning at all. -Jenn

    1. If I ever see the owners of the dogs on my favourite route I might talk to them. I tried to talking to the dogs today, behind the fence , but they didn't think much of talking.
      Im sure hanging shoes here have no meaning. First of all if it had to do with drugs it would be like telling the police 'look look here we are dealing drugs' and the other reasons ate ridiculous.

  2. I love dogs. But I don’t like strange ones who bark angrily at me. Even a small dog running full pelt at me growling and snarling is enough to trigger a full on panic attack
    It’s not the dog. It’s the owner. Fence your dog in and protect it as well as everyone else
    As for the sneakers on the line. It’s a mystery for. The ages I’d say

    1. You just never know with dogs unless you know them really well. Fence them in, give them room to run and out in public keep them on a leash .

  3. I saw a lot of wild dogs roaming around in Albania and they would come and circle round us whenever the bus stopped. They were everywhere in cities and I just pretended to not care and ignore them like everybody else did. The tour guide never ever mentioned them.

    1. That's what Greece used to be like. On Poros there used to be loads of strays. The animal society would spay them, feed them and leave them on the streets. My kids had been attacked quite a few times when driving past on motorbikes and they formed packs which got very nasty. They've all been removed from the streets now.
      The EU provides money to look after them but conditions are not ideal.
      All the villages have stray dogs roaming free. Locals know them and look after them. Not so strangers

  4. There was a beach in Piraeus (just outside the gin-palace harbour) where the loose dogs congregated and were a bit scary for humans who didn't know they were there. A half grown puppy raced after me one day and wanted to be my permanent friend which was fine but sad too because I had to leave him there. I stopped walking on that beach. It wasn't safe for Mr T even in his backpack.

    1. A group of dogs, especially stray dogs is always scary.
      Mr T always had priority ☺️ dear Mr Tigger

  5. There's a street here where there are dozens of them up in the air. It must take quite some skill to get them to wrap around the wire.

    When I walk with Billy, you'd be amazed how many strangers stop to stroke him!

    1. As for those shoes... How the hell do they get them up there.

  6. It all depends on the owners I'm sure. Little Snoopy here is a noisy dog but actually quite sweet.
    There used to be a big black dog here called Lucky who roamed free. We got to know him and he was very gentle. However he'd scare the bejesus out of me at night. He'd appear out of nowhere and stand there staring at me like a big black devil. I'd scuttle inside the gate quickly even though I knew him

  7. I have been thinking about those shoes and I reckon they fall off people's feet as they are taken up into the ETs' spaceships.

    1. Baaah, more likely a Bigfoot. They drag the people off to their den but first get rid of those smelly shoes. And they're tall enough to just tie them up there with one hand, holding a scraggy human in the other.

  8. Those shoes on powerlines mean there is a drug house nearby, I've seen it in various towns I've lived in around New Zealand. As for the barking dogs, I don't mind dogs, in fact I love them as much as I love cats but my heart nearly jumps out of my chest when they suddenly bark out of nowhere.

  9. I also heard about it years ago that the shoes are a sign of something related to drugs. I saw shoes like this near the small grocery store in our small settlement here and I wonder.

  10. We do get a lot of runners on the power lines here, I too have been told a drug house is nearby, who knows!! I am a dog person but nearly jumped out of my skin when a dog barked and lunged over the fence at me. His owner rushed over, turned out he had been savaged by a dog from up the road and now was aggressive to everything going past. We said hello with the owner nearby and now are friends.

  11. My high school was too close for me to take the bus...they wouldn't pick you up if you are less than 5 miles from the school. I found short cuts of course, and one was a yard with a dog that always bristled and barked and ran along the fence. One day a friend and I were walking to my house and I never noticed that the fence was open until it was too late. We pretended he/she wasn't there ~ we could feel dog breath on our legs! Luckily nothing happened, but I kept a look out for the gate before walking that way!
    You could consider taking pepper spray with you on your walks..