Thursday, 15 June 2017

When Family Come to Town

When family come to town there are certain places that we must show them, sites and sights that they must see.

First of all is the mighty 4000 year old theatre of Epidavros only one hour away.  This years season is just about to start with ancient greek dramas and comedies performed just as they used to be with the audience sitting on the tiers of marble seats still baking from the summer sun.

In winter you can clamber up those steep steps and have the place almost to yourself.   My brother lets it all out on a bitter winter's day one November past

Or in the summer perform for the bus loads of tourists.  I can't remember what Steven was doing.  Looks like he was singing a bit of Pavarotti.  From this centre stone you can be heard from the very top seats without a microphone, which they  obviously did not have back then.

I used to go with them all, show them around.  Now I wait down at the canteen and drink an iced coffee (frappe).  That's me, the 'blonde' one with niece Betsy, from Australia, on my left

My favourite Mycenaean bridge.  4000 years old.  It always amazes me how it was made and that it has survived in such excellent condition.  This bridge was just one part of a huge network of roads so long ago

Those were the two touristy sites off the island.  On the island it is more about eating and drinking.

Big brother and niece Debbie eat at Sotiri's seaside taverna.  Everyone comes here to eat sometime during their stay, never mind the economic crisis and a little bit of expense. 
 You can feed the fish from your table.  Friendly service, good prices, real Greek cooking made by the matriarch of the taverna family.

And the roof top terrace of our old house at sundown.  My daughter, who lives there now, makes everyone welcome and we usually end up with a few beers and take-away souvlaki.  This photo is some of my little brother's New Zealand family and their greek relatives

Greek and Australian cousins

Naturally coffee on the waterfront is always part of the daily programme

Some things don't change in this unhurried way of life. Photo 2009
Same cafe we sit in today
Different chairs
We have these ones now in our front 'sitting place'
Pays to be friendly or family with over half the island

I hope that I can say for all our visitors....
 and these photos only show a few of those who have stayed with us over the years

            ' A good time was had by all'


  1. what an amazing open ampitheatre. I did the speech from Gladiator in the El Jem in Tunisia. Ha ha I had Japanese tourists ask me to do it again so they could film it! Ha ha how funny.

    I have added the last of the photos, I will post them and these posts will then be up until monday.

    Have a great weekend.

    1. I live watcthing others perform here. I've seen choirs from Italy and the states do a bit of impromptu singing.

      I have recited aa Milne, not quite your gladiator speech!

  2. Replies
    1. You'll have to return and see for yourself!

  3. compare to most place in world the united states is a new place...but we have our geography wonders here....Coffee is on

    1. Iced coffee? Bit too hot for cappuccino now!

  4. Friends of mine are just back from Santorini (and elsewhere), and their photos are all of FOOD!

    1. Eating, drinking and lying in the sun. Seems to the perfect Greek holiday. Most of our visitors now don't bother with ancient ruins.

  5. We also have here a lot of ancient ruins,even in the hot summer i see turists walk in the dry fields to look for some ruins here and there.

    1. You have just as much history over there!! Much the same as Greece. Do you ever visit these ruins? I used to but I'm not so interested anymore