Friday, 27 January 2017

Of Cabbages and Things

Over the Christmastime holidays and fiestas it seems to be one meat meal after another.  We do eat fish of course but if the weather is bad as it has been lately then the fishermen have not been out and hence no fresh fish.  Then there is full moon which affects the fishing as well.  I buy frozen fish for fish soup but traditional people prefer their fish alive-alive-o.   
 The recipe below is meat-less and fish-less, made with cabbage which is a winter vegetable, in season now, and perfect for a non meat meal after the feasting.

Boiled cabbage and rice 

This is another of those simple peasant dishes, great for something lighter and meatless between the feasts and fiestas.

Take a small cabbage and cut it in half.  That's plenty for two people.  Slice it into small pieces and cube.  

Cut up an onion and a small leek.

Put some oil in the bottom of a cooking pot and add the cabbage, onion and leek. It is not traditional but I would add a thinly sliced carrot as well.  It gives the dish a bit more interest. 

 Stir it around in the oil till the onion and cabbage have softened a little.  

Add two tomatoes which have been cut up and whizzed.  Or half a tin of tomato pieces.

Also not traditional but I consider necessary, a small hot pepper or chilli.  

This recipe is so plain it definitely needs something to give it a bit of a zing.

Here it is just beginning to boil.   Simmer gently about half an hour till the vegetables are reasonably soft.  Add about 60 grams of rice.  Add extra water if needed, salt and pepper and simmer another 30 minutes till the rice is cooked.

Serve....with a slice of lemon, a large piece of feta cheese for protein and lots of bread and wine.

Good luck if you decide to try it.  Nothing special.  Just your normal everyday, Greek vegetable dish.  A meal which can be eaten by vegeterians and those on one of those many religious fasts.

Stewed Peas and Potatoes - Araka me patates

Another very popular non-meat meal good in winter or summer.

Here I have used frozen peas.  With a packet of frozen peas in the freezer you always have a quick and tasty (traditional) standby meal.  Peas, chunks of potato, onion, garlic, olive oil of course and lots of dill.

Peas and potatoes in the pot
Eat it cold or eat it hot

And another winter favourite, your good old cauliflower.  Boiled cauliflower drizzled with lemon juice and olive oil.  Always a winner here, though appreciated more if accompanied by some fresh grilled fish.
We eat a lot of our vegetables like this, broccoli, zucchini, greens from the fields, a little olive oil and lemon juice and most are satisfied.

A traditional dish,
with fried potatoes if you wish,
bread and feta
Makes it better

Kali orexi


  1. It looks good to me. i shall try some of it, now i only have to look for feta.(I know that we have it here in our small shope,).

    1. Hi Yael, just eat one of your local cheeses. I've bet you've got a cheese that is similar and even tastier than feta!

  2. Shop. (i have a lot of mistakes,i know.)

  3. There are a lot of vegetarian dishes in the Greek recipe book
    I love mixing my cauliflower with broccoli and making like a kind of salad. That's very yummy with grilled fish or BBQ meat!

    1. I love cauliflower whichever way you eat it but have gone off broccoli though with the right dressing it's ok

  4. Tepid plain cooked Cauliflower with a really good dressing is delicious. I also like the sound of the Potato and Pea recipe. Not so sure about the Cabbage!

    1. The peas are great especially with lots of dill. A fresh cauliflower is delicious even without thd dressing.

  5. I think most take away meals are based on peasant recipes. I think (or so it seemed) my Irish grandparents ate bacon, cabbage and potatoes nearly every day. It was all produced on the farm. Looks like you have got a Greek recipe cook book there.

    1. These recipes are very plain. I know most people think if there is not meat on the plate it's not a meal. I've noticed many times how much alike the Greeks and Irish are. Love of life, music and dance.