Wednesday, 25 January 2017


A photo review of Poros under dark and cloudy skies

An empty waterfront and we can park on the wharf without getting a ticket

Cafeterias wrapped in plastic sheeting and with gas fires.  Notice though that there are always a few chairs and tables on the road side for those days when it is possible to catch a few rays of sun

The fishing caiques are tied up and the piles of nets covered in canvas

A sea of yacht masts

The yachts have been taken out of the water and await their keel cleaning

A water logged soccer field

The bougainvillea has turned brown and shed all its bright flowers and green leaves.  Soon it will be time for a severe pruning, a dangerous job as the thorns of the plant are long and sharp.

All dressed up for a short scooter ride to work and school.  Notice the sun glasses.  When the sun is out the glare is still intense even in the middle of winter

Cutting back the olive trees.  These trees have been pruned by an expert.  They have been left to spread out but the height has been lowered so the olives are easily picked.  Soon the fires will start as  those branches are piled up into bonfires. 

Vaso's citrus trees are loaded with fruit


  1. It's been so hot here lately I long for cold days with our fire going
    I'm definitely a winter girl. Hot stews, fires and my crafting
    Stay warm xxx

    1. Must admit I much prefer the winter to heat waves and endless sweating. We haven't seen the sun for a few days though and I do miss it's watery warmth.

  2. Replies
    1. Nope, not around here. Surprising actually. There is an empty navy school here with hundreds of beds. Wonder what the locals would think of that

  3. We usually open our pool around June 1st. Just four months to go, a lot of which will probably be rained on. I can't wait for temps in the 20's again.

    1. Spring and autumn are my favourite months, green and warm. June....well, the first 20 days are fine. I prefer winter, but when the sun is shining!

  4. Didn't know the magnificent bouganvillea had thorns. It's blowing a gale here. Don't think I will go walking today.

    1. The Bougainvillia is a man-eater. We pulled ours out. The thorns tore our hands to pieces when we tried to prune it and prune you must or it just takes over. The thorns can be up to a couple of inches long.