Thursday, 19 January 2017

Food glorious food

Homemade pickled onions.  I pickle them in vinegar and honey from a recipe in Aunt Daisy's cookery book (a New Zealand radio personality from the 50's)

Homemade sushi.  My two girls made these for my birthday lunch (way back in 2016).  They were darn tasty.  We even tried eating them with chop sticks, not very successfully but with lots of laughs.
 Such clever children I have! 

Koulourakai almyra
Salty/savoury little biscuits

1 glass of oil
1 glass of white wine
1 tsp salt
400-500 grams flour
one and a half tsp baking powder

Mix all the ingedients together to a soft but not sticky dough.  Roll out small pieces with your hands making a long snake.  Cut off small portions and curl into biscuit shape

Bake 15-20 minutes at 180oC till lightly browned 

That's the traditional recipe but as usual I think it needs a foreign boost. Some oregano maybe, chopped chives, hot pepper, even some grated sharp cheese.

Sprinkle with sesame seeds before baking.  I did not.  Sesame seeds get everywhere and I am forever cleaning them up from floor or table.

Eat instead of peanuts or crackers with your glass of wine

These are caramel apple oaties from a recipe on The English Kitchen.  They are the best apple cakes/biscuits I have made.  My son-in-law took them on a fishing trip and came back to finish the rest of them (after leaving a bag of fish)

Irish Potato cakes from a recipe I saw in a video on Northsider's blog

The video at the end of his post is worth watching just to see Keith Floyd in action.  He was a real entertainer as well as a great cook.

These potato cakes are very easy to make once you have the mashed potatoes.  The second time around I added a little grated cheese and chives.  Very tasty Dave.


  1. My daughter loves potato cakes, sounds yum xx

  2. Those potato cakes look good enough to eat. You should sell the pickled onions. Thanks for featuring my blog. Must try the cheese and chives potato cakes.

  3. I actually burnt these ones a little but they just look nice and brown in the photo.

  4. These all sound so delicious, I don't know where to start, but I'll certainly have a go !

    1. The sushi was really good and they made a dipping sauce. When you haven't got the opportunity to eat Chinese, Indian Japanese or anything else but darn greek you just have to improvise and make your own

    2. Try the potato cakes first but do add some spices or herbs. I looked them up online and added an egg as well. They are sort of fried potato bread I guess.

  5. I too make my own pickled onions, but with some sugar rather than honey. You've reminded me that I need to do more.

    1. I gave away these. Must make some more for me. Pickled onion, cheese and fresh bread....

  6. It all looks very tasty. We have a lot of plums at the moment I'm going to stew some and freeze them for use during winter. I used to make jam. But with the kids gone it doesn't get eaten.
    And yes. I used to make pickled onions too. But again with only two people it's not worth it.

    1. I cooked and purees a whole lot of plums in the summer. Had forgotten all about them. Theyre in the freezer waiting till I get some inspiration...not jam