Tuesday, 10 January 2017

A rare occurence

It finally snowed on Poros.  Proper snow.  Snow that floated down  to our own little piece of Greek earth and piled up .... a few inches.  

The first snow fell and I took a photo of snow on the table, thinking 'this is it, must take a picture before it melts'

And it kept on snowing!  This is the table an hour later

The english driveway

Fantastic photo of snowflakes falling on our car

Our snowman Mr Mouski

The kids built a snowman on the front of the car.  Something Greeks love to do.  They then drive around till the snowman topples off or melts away

Snow in the olive groves opposite.  Olive trees can stand great extremes of temperatures and a good covering of snow is something olive growers around here appreciate.  It means  a good harvest the following autumn.

The old part of our house is freezing.  It is built without insulation and there is nothing under the floor to lift it off the freezing ground below.  The walls I think are made of breeze blocks.  Insulation was something we were going to add to the outside but never got round to.  Fortunately the big living room/kitchen which we added has insulation all over plus double glazing.  The temperature difference is amazing.  

Our wood fire heater keeps the new part of the house warm and cozy and takes the chill off the rest.  The first month of winter is already over and temperatures like those last night only occur every 10 years or so.  The sun eventually came out today and melted all our snow, except for Mr Mouski who is still keeping a tenuous hold on his throne on the front of the car.


  1. Oh how cool. Literally lol
    Yup as kids we went up the mountains to see snow. And we built a snowman on the car and drove off. He lasted about half way down!

    1. The kids had a wild time. They didn't expect snow in their own back yard! Didn't even grizzle when they were hit by fierce snow balls.

  2. Still no snow forecast for us here, but somehow I think we may have some. I am NOT a fan.

    1. Snow is slippery dangerous stuff but very good for watering the earth, that's why the olives like it. The snow had all melted by evening. The dripping of water was amazing. Glad the sun is out today though

  3. Hello from Idaho and stop in from Aussie empty nester.
    We had snow for a while now and only got stuck once in our drive way. It a yearly event to get your vehicle stuck some place in snow. I was lucky it was in my own drive way.

    If you fine the time stop in for a cup of coffee

    1. Hi Dora. I will indeed pop in on you in Idaho. Getting stuck in snow must be so frustrating and you can't just wait till it melts to drive off lol