Friday, 19 April 2013


Have just been listening to an email/cd sent to my by Petros and Sofia, our greek/american friends that some of you will have met.  It is a doomsday message for Greece.   The greek  talking says that he has inside  sources. 

The message is  that in the next thirty days greek banks will close, Samaras (now PM) will step down (or be forced out) and be replaced by two others.  At the same time Greece  may be invaded by one of its neighbours. Invasion?  How about a pestilence of locusts as well.

Greek banks will get a final 'haircut' and will close for at least a week.  Of course it will all happen on a Friday (like Cyprus) so there is no rush on the banks.

  We must stock up on emergency rations and prepare for isolation.  We must not pay any more bills but plan for thirty days of scarcity and hardship. We must use all the money we have to buy medicine and food so we can survive.

 The internet and all communication systems will be down and the country will be cut off from the rest of the world.  Anyone who can, should get out of the big cities.  This could occur in 30 days or as late as  the 24th May or early June.  It is the final plan to bring greece to its knees.

Maybe the electricity will go off too so I won't have to finish that pile of ironing.

Hope they wait and let us fill up on a bit of easter lamb first.

While I don't really believe this, it is a very scary message so I'll be getting some more of that shower gel and looking out for special offers on toilet paper.

Must look up those instructions for the sun cooker that we were always going to make.  Making one of those will K's mind off the scarcity of pig for a while.

Ye gods and little fishes, why Greece?

And I was just preparing a happy blog page on the plethora (ha, I still do remember some big english words) of wild flowers - blood red poppies, pink and purple anemones, fields of mauve and yellow and trees in full blossom.  

So what photo goes with THIS news?  Not another pig one that's for sure.  Unless....

Boss Hog
look what I found!
we love pigs dead or alive!
NZ pig
adventure farm somewhere in the Bay
we visited on the big family holiday - way back

Sunset from Elli's roof

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