Wednesday 24 April 2013

Smoky Thursday

Tsiknopempti - Thursday of the smoky meat

This is one of the last big eat meating days before Lent.  The tradition is to eat bbqed-meat.  Grilled lamb chops, yum.  It is a carnival day and once upon a time (not so long ago) we too used to dress up in costume, go out to a taverna with friends and neighbours, eat piles of lamb chops, dance and sing and enjoy  the carnival atmosphere.  

Some still do .  There is  something organised at one of the big hotels.  If you have the money to spare it is  a great way to take part in  this tradition and have some fun.   But now most families stay at home to grill their meat.

It was midday when I went down to pick up Natali from kindergarten and the cooking was just getting underway. From the petrol station all the way down the harbour there were the most delicious smells wafting through the air.  The rich petrol-station-people always have a bbq outside on this day.

That smoky aroma of grilling meat was overwhelming.  And down the backstreet to Elli's place there were wonderful meaty smells coming from every house. Meat on the coals, meat in the oven, meat in pot and meat in pan.

Our neighbour  organised a little soiree for his friends.   K  dressed  as an arab and went down to join them.  

I stayed at home and enjoyed the peace and quiet before going off to babysit.  Later in the day K  bought a few sausages and a bit of chicken and he grilled it  our fireplace for the girls and the grandchildren.

 March 8 and Women's Day.

K is cooking for Jan and I and the girls are going out to have a drink together.  Women's day used to be a big celebration on Poros.  I was discussing it with Dina (K's sister) the other day.  She and I used to  join a big group of 'ladies' who  organised a get-together.  First of all we ate and drank at a taverna and then the whole crowd went on to one of the waterfront bars where there was dancing and great merriment.  A lot of these women weren't young either.  I watched these little old ladies in  amazement with their furs and gold (back then) while they danced on the tables and really 'let their hair down'.  

last of the dinasaurs
Vasso in her sunday best enjoying a glass of wine
at the annual jumping of the flames at midsummer

and me
doing what I like best -
enjoying a big glass of red wine
listening to good music
and writing my diary
- our last holiday down in the Mani