Tuesday 20 February 2024

Evil Eyes

 Eyes have deadly rays that can bring harm to others said ancient Greek writer Plutarch. 

The evil eye is a big part of Greek culture. Even the Greek church acknowledges it and has a special prayer to cure those suffering

You are afflicted by the evil eye when someone gives you a false compliment, thinks envious thoughts or sends ill wishes.  

In our house, the car,  we have blue eye symbols to avert the curse. You can also wear an item of clothing inside out. 

Spitting 3 times after giving a compliment will confuse the devil and keep the evil eye away. It also tells the person you're admiring that you're genuine in your feelings.

What happens when you're stricken? K will start non-stop yawning and he might get a headache and feel nauseous. You just feel unwell and weak.

When I first arrived in Greece many moons ago all the taxis had blue eye amulets and beads hanging over the dashboard and every donkey had blue beads hanging over it's head or around it's ears.

If you do receive  negative energy and start excessive yawning then the answer is to phone an aged aunt who knows how to remove the curse. They may know a special prayer or use appropriate words over a glass of water with a drop of oil. Another way is to cross your arms, hands under your armpits, and say the Lord's Prayer 3 times.

Either way, spit on yourself 3 times when you're finished and shake yourself to send the evil eye away. 

Here are some of the blue eyes and beads we have around us

From the baptism of a friend's baby. Sugared almonds in a blue bag with the eye to keep the baby safe

Blue beads and a small eye on my quad bike keys. Along with a kiwi 

A crocheted eye given to us by a friend

Garlic and fish net hanging over our gate. To stop visitors with ill intent entering....so they say. 

An evil eye charm for the car key ring. Not quite sure what the elephant has to do with it

A new wine brand with the eye on it's label 
Not cheap! Guarantee of a good vintage? Perhaps


  1. Do you think being married to someone with blue eyes would help?

    1. NO! A blue eye can keep you safe but it's the blue and green eyed humans who are the most dangerous. They always get blamed for things that go wrong here. Spit on him and eat lots of garlic!!
      That should keep you put of harm's way. He'll probably take to the hills anyway lol

  2. Love seeing all your blue eyed things, had a giggle over your comment above, I have green eyes, best go and eat garlic or should my husband??

    1. Better get a string of garlic to hang around his neck lol. Don't forget to spit on him every time you give him a compliment too. That will get him running for the hills as well

  3. You should be pretty well protected with your collection of symbols.