Monday 9 January 2023

New Years Customs

 Bread and cakes with lucky coins. Every family, school, class, club, band of friends cuts a cake or loaf of bread and whoever finds the coin is guaranteed  a year of good fortune. 

The first slice is for the house then its cut in order of age from oldest to youngest down to the animals and even the fields

New Year's Cake made by daughter
Elli Tz
The perfect end to our BBQ
With icecream.

And Nels found the coin. 
It usually sticks out but this time it was in the middle of the slice. We all to poke around till it was found

I baked the bread
The decoration at the top is supposed to be the sun
And underneath 2023
It had a 2 euro coin
Usually its just a 'lucky' token 

Dividing the loaf into even slices

The coin was in the middle of 2 pieces. 
Luli has to share her good fortune with the dogs


  1. Super cake and bread photos. You should open a fresh baked shop with Greek and Ex Pat and Kiwis delicacies.

    1. We have a really good bakery here now. I don't often bake bread. Glad it turns out well when I do

  2. I just ate my piece of vasilopita a few minutes ago ~ we made the cake version, but I’ve made the bread version at home. I didn’t pick the piece with the coin, though. Of course, the odds weren’t in my favor with 145 pieces that were sold!
    I love the way the cake and bread were decorated, bravo!

    1. Decorating the bread was quite difficult. Working the dough wasn't easy. I was rather pleased with the sun and the 2023 was more or less obvious.
      I haven't found the coin in many years. I'm always pleased when the grandkids get it

  3. And to next year.
    It’s a lovely custom. Ow which we don’t do anymore. New Years now is spent at home on our own. We don’t mind. We haven’t stayed up for midnight for a long long time. The young ones have their friends and parties Like we once did

    1. I don't enjoy staying up till midnight. But K loves it.
      I rather like the bread and cake with the coin. Everyone enjoys the anticipation

  4. The New Year has seen itself in for a good many years now. I do mutter something about a Happy one to The Golfer when we come to but that’s about it. Knowing my luck I’d choke on the lucky coin…..same as I did on a silver threepennypiece in the Christmas pudding when I was a child.

    1. That was silver sixpence not thrupence. The contents of my mind are going somewhere but not where I want them to

    2. Oooops. Not such a lucky coin. You know, now I think about I remember my Nana putting a sixpence in the Xmas pud.