Friday, 15 February 2019


Typical greek provincial cafenion.  Not an island or big city cafeteria.

  The village cafenion is the gathering place for greek men with no place to go and a matriarch at home. The men are Patriarchs with a capitol P, outside the home.  However the 
wife rules the roosting box 
and men are encouraged to  join  male friends in the mornings for coffee and 'whatever'.

Smoking is still an accepted practice in places like this.  There are plumes of smoke above the head of this gent.  He sat there with his coffee and his cigarettes puffing away unaware of causing any pollution

Most of the chairs are slanted towards the big television tuned either to news or sport.  


Gathered around the big round table in the corner are the card players.  The most popular card  game is called 'prefa', not unlike 'Bridge'.  It seems to be the preferred  card game in many of these northern European country.   K plays with his friends, not for money but those who lose must pay for the next ouzo

Greek coffee is what is served most in these cafenions.  At 1 euro a cup the men can sit for hours and pass the time with friends very cheaply.  Nowadays they probably serve capuccino but it was unknown in a small cafenion 10 years ago.  I would order nescafe, hot or cold, made with instant coffee.  The hot nescafe was often 'beaten' and I sometimes do this for K.  I put  a couple of teaspoons of instant coffee and a spoon of sugar in a cup along with a bare tsp of water and beat the mix till it comes to a pale beige colour.  Boiling water is added and the coffee comes out with a thick froth on top.

This little gathering place always smells of roast or boiling meat. We've never eaten here but seen others eating a plate of food. It looks as though they have a different dish every day, just one, served with a plate of feta cheese and a jug of wine.

An enterprising idea. A simple, cheap and tasty meal in comfortable surroundings for widowers, workers and a couple like us looking for a bit of nourishment before returning home after a day of doctor's visits.

No fatty pig here. The meat usually seems/smells to be mutton.  Just as popular as pork.


  1. Another delightful peek, at real Greek life... Thank you.

    It must be especially good, for widowers. To have a familiar place, to go every day. Chat with old friends. Drink coffee. Even eat a meal.

    Another "old fashioned" idea, being lost in modern life. But lucky are those, who live, where it still thrives.

    ✨ ❄ ✨

    1. There are places like this all over the countryside. Hubby loves them, strikes up conversation with everyone. They've always got economics or football to chew over

  2. Replies
    1. Perfect for everyone . A cheap coffee or something 'warming' and good company.
      Definitely a men's place. Not often you see a woman there but they are welcome

  3. And they've already got their decorations up for Christmas 2019.

    1. Darn, should have got that! That visit was months ago, just a bit late in posting! One up for you

  4. The original men’s shed
    And perfect for the wives. Getting out from under foot so they can do what they need to do in peace

    1. Absolutely. The men can spend hours there every day setting the world right (settling the Cyprus situation) and buy the daily loaf of bread on the way home

  5. A good solution to people's loneliness.

  6. I love cosy places like that. You're lucky that smoking indoors hasn't been outlawed there yet, it has here, people are only allowed to smoke outside.