Wednesday 11 May 2016

Scenic Poros - life on the island

A glimpse of our life here on a small Greek island.  The weather is still mild, the land green, the roses, the wild poppies and cyclamen blooming.  Another month and the land will be dry and brown till the first rains in September or October.

Our summer sitting place, in the shade.  When the late afternoon sun hits the entrance we move around to the back balcony.  If  our neighbours trimmed their olive trees we would see the lights of Athens from there.

                    A carpet of poppies under the olive trees 

Water taxis waiting their turn to take passengers across
to the mainland.

Our local church.  St John of the Fleas.  Note the two cypress trees either side.  Cypress trees are often planted near a church or in a graveyard.  Services are held here on its fiesta day in September and now and again it is used for a baptism. The front is covered with a tiled shelter and it is ideal for picnics .  Opposite is a sheep pen with free range chooks scratching in the dirt and a loud barking dog.

Ye ancient pew.  This is part of an ancient column. It has ended up here, probably from the temple on the hill above.  The inside of the church is very small, only room for the priest, chanter and half a dozen worshippers.  Everyone else stands outside....and gossips

This very small vineyard is typical around here.  Less than quarter of an acre I would say.  But it is looked after by two brothers who get enough grapes to make a barrel with a few hundred litres of wine which will keep them supplied for almost all the year.

The harbour is full of yachts this week

And on one of the yachts flies a familiar (New Zealand) flag.  It is usual to see an Australian flag flying but not often a NZ one.

Putting out the rubbish island style.  We hang up the bags
so the stray cats can't get to them even if  they are high jump champs.  The bags used to be collected by a donkey with panniers.  Now we have a small truck which manages to get down our narrow lanes.

Pascal, our friendly waitress from the 'green chairs' café.  She has to cross the main harbour road with a loaded tray each time she has an order.

The car ferry on its 5 minute journey to the mainland

Another catch of fresh fish on the BBQ

In my sister-in-laws yard, getting ready for our feast of fish.

K and granddaughter Lydia dancing as all Greeks do while waiting for the fish to cook.

Our narrow little street, built for donkeys but cars can maneuver down it with care.  Motor scooters are the normal form of transport here.

A view out over the harbor and a house in need of renovation. This generation has not enough money to provide a little TLC.  Hopefully the grandchildren will live in a healthier economic climate.

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