Sunday 27 March 2016

Coffee and lessons from grandchildren

Afternoon tea at Danae's place. Cupcakes by N els, with green icing. Plus raisin bread, sweet bread (tsoureki) and a bit of birthday cake.  Something to keep the brain cells working while I learnt all about Viber and how to take photos on a tablet\ipod etc.

And more rain.  Not good for the refugees who refuse to leave the bog on the border.  Great for the Greek earth.  Greens of the field will be on the menu in a few days.

Good day for rakomelo.

Raki and honey.......
A good mug of raki (grappa, pastis, tsikoudia, tsikoudia, Arak, sambuka)
A heaped spoon of good thyme honey
A stick of cinnamon
A few cloves

Simmer for a few minutes till honey has melted. Leave half an hour...if you can wait.  Drink and you'll be merry.

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