Friday 18 March 2016


This is a magic ball
made from all the odds and ends of wool
from 'things' I have knitted over the last few years

This is Nels joining all those ends together

and THIS is free form knitting
Danae and I and anyone I can rope in then knits
'squares' which are joined together to make a blanket.
4 finished, another 40 squares to go, you can see how you might get bored if they were all the same.  Freeform means, any colour, stitch, pattern, wool and even shape which tickles your fancy.

One of the half dozen blankets I have knitted or crocheted.
They are all definitely freeform....I use odd balls of wool and change colours, and pattern as I get bored.  

An original greek marble table.
Also freeform!
a chunk of marble left over from the outdoor sinks covers
a rather rickety outdoor table.
The shell on the table was found in local waters.
It was given to K so he could cook the contents as a meze
for his ouzo.  The 'meat' inside cooked for about an hour but was still tough.  I guess it needed a good bashing like an octopus or a paua.

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