Wednesday 1 December 2010

first of december

Richard and Muriel - roof top Poros
(Old school Friend - Te Puke High, early 60's)

Temperatures are still quite high for this season - around 25 c today.  Lots of wind but no rain.  The rest of europe is digging out of snow drifts and their temperatures are just above zero.  Poor old Spain is freezing and so is most of Italy.  Why do we have such a different climate - only a little bit further east.

Today it is 'horta' that I am cooking - for Kostas.  Very healthy.  Usually accompanied by fish but I think it will be just fried potatoes today. This 'horta' are weeds from the fields.  Fields usually covered in sheep or goat droppings.  This particular weed is the root and early green leaves of the dandelion - before the flower opens.  It is a little,  bitter Kostas prefers it that way.  Doused in lemon juice and olive oil of course.  He'll find some fish to grill later on for sure.  Can't eat it 'orphano' - orphaned or all alone.

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