Thursday, 2 December 2010

the albie

Kostas went out eary this morning and got an albie (albanian) to help him clear up his shed and the yard.  He did and amazing job.  Has cleared all the weeds and I hauled away to the rubbish bins down the road 6 huge bags of weeds (those that wouldn't fit into the compost), bags of old cement, loads of old piping and half a dozen huge bowls full of old fishing gear and rusty hooks.  No wonder the rubbish people here go on strike so often, the crap they have to pick up.  Now I have to clean the car.

Alas all that wild sorrell has also gone but I'm sure it will be back with the first rain.  He even cleared the vegetable bed so maybe now we can put in a few lettuces and a bit of rocket for the winter.  All my gnomes and rabbits have appeared from under the undergrowth.  Looks good.

Had a quick session with Elli and Danae this morning to make sure that everything is ready for the party tomorrow.  Salad and sandwiches - ha ha.  But Kostas is allowed to BBQ a few beefburgers and a chicken so there will be no grumbling thank you.  Lots of ketch-up and chocolate for Georgie.  But he is having another party for his friends on Saturday.  Lucky Danae. `

Now Kostas has gone out to get souvlaki (the gyro meat in the pitta bread) because I only cooked a little fish for lunch. 

Do you know that there are lefthand scissors?  How did I survive without them?  Jamie is left handed and his teacher got a special pair of scissors for him.  And it made a big difference.  He can actually cut now.  IS THIS A GOOD THING?

Nostalgia - Pukehina beach

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