Saturday 4 December 2010

4th DECEMBER review

For those of you who are wondering what we did during the summer.  Well, we sweated.  We had a few visitors from down-under.  My nephew Steven from Perth came with his, then fiancee, Teresa to met all the greeks.
For those of you who don't know, we went to Australia in October for a family wedding and had a wonderful wonderful time.  Our first 'foreign' nephew Steven got married to Teresa  in Perth and all the family gathered to celebrate and shop and drink and some of us ate rather a lot as well.  Fish and chips and meat pies seemed to have been on most of my menus.  The wine was nectar and the beer wasn't half bad either.  'Little Creatures" brewery in Freemantle...visit, drink and enjoy!  That was beer that even I enjoyed.  We had our last of many bottles in Perth airport just before flying out.

The hospitality was overwhelming.  Our beds and pillows were so soft.  Civilisation!   The wedding was beautiful.  I've run out of adjectives to describe the terrific time Kostas and I had.  I will get my thesaurus out and start on the trip in another blog.  Just let me say the besides the beds and the beer we loved the eucalyptus groves, the ice-cream, the shopping malls, the excellent coffee, the sushi at roadside stops (sushi???  I thought Aussies and kiwis snacked on meat pies and sandwiches), the whales, the  waves, the little white greek church in the middle of nowhere, the news in ENGLISH, the immaculately groomed lawns of the many many wineries we visited, the naval museum with the history of the greeks from Kastellorizo, the warmth and welcome we found everywhere. And Silvies fantastic steaks.  I could and will go on and on.  Perth is a beautiful city.  I loved the buzz , the diversity of the people, the cleanliness, the inner city rush.  I've run out of english words again.  Karen you are a marvel.  Creasys thank you thank you.  And my nephews and nieces - what wonderful (stale old adjective) people they are.  Intelligent, friendly, social, gorgeous.  You all did a good job there, bros.

Birthday - Kostas got up early and made eggs and bacon, mounds and mounds of it.  Even he couldn't eat it all.  Then he mixed his homemade burgers and got out of the house for an hour so I could read my email and even answer some of it.  Wasn't he nice!   I made a couple of loaves of bread and cut up all the bacon that was left over and put that in the dough as well.

Jan arrived first so we opened the beaujolais and gossiped till the kids came and took over.  I cut up my bread, opened the Margaret river oil and dipped it in the dukkah.  No one was impressed.  I ate the dukkah and loved it.  Jan ate it to, probably since there was nothing else to soak up the wine at the time.  Humph, I shall finish it off myself.  ps greek oil is better and cheaper.

Kyriakos brought the bottles of chenin blanc and some bratwurst sausages which taste almost like english ones.  He found some good cheap salmon steaks too.  We had wraps and lots of crisp iceberg lettuce - not that limp 'cos lettuce'.  Kostas made the burgers and the kids made hamburgers with buns.  Everyone was happy, even Kostas.  And Elli made a pavlova.  She makes a mean pav and it was perfect.  George and I blew out the candles a few times - with Jamie's help of course.  The kids had choc bars instead of birthday pav .  Then they all went out and ripped the clean backyard to bits.  But they were happy.

I got a nice earthy coloured cushion, JENGA (yes, I told everyone what a great game it was, so they bought it for me - no language barrier in this game, but as a sagittarius I DO HATE TO LOSE), a new blouse, ANTI-WRINKLE cream.  hmmmm And some nice xmas salt and pepper shakers.

I had a great time.  No fatty pans to clean up for a start.  And no drunks.  I got greetings from everyone, everywhere, thanks to Niki who started it all off on facebook.  No, the family emails all came first but I was still getting greetings on facebook at midnight.  Not often I look on facebook but at times like this it certainly is worth it.

me with Nels and Poppi-Lydia

the happy couple

playing monopoly with all the grankids

Some little person bashed in the glass of our camera so we have no photos of yesterday but here are some others for the blog.  xx to you all

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