Friday 1 March 2024

1st March

It is tradition on 1st March to make a bracelet with red and white thread. 

Or buy one

It is worn to welcome Spring but also is said the protect the wearer from getting burnt in the springtime sun which can be stronger than you realise.
It's worn till the end of March and then hung on a tree so the birds can pick at it and use it for nest making.
Or it's worn till May Day and burnt on a bonfire .
Or it's worn till Easter and burnt on the coals that roast the lamb.

In actual fact it gets very tatty very fast and usually breaks or falls off. 

My crochet effort

Children plait them at school today out of embroidery cotton. 


  1. Since you said they are good for protecting the sun are they considering to be a type of sunblock? I'm wondering also if the sun heat there is different to here.

  2. What a very nice tradition. Good to get the school children involved too.

  3. I didn’t know this.
    Maybe I’ll make one next spring. If I remember

  4. I love all these traditions so much, it's always good to help fate.

  5. Red and white .. a good combination. Just like my body if I have been out in the sun.

  6. Anything that welcomes Spring is well worth wearing.

  7. I remember being given those but no one seemed to be able to say what for other than tradition. There are remarkably deep wells of superstition in a culture so closely identified with Christianity (one god, no false idols, and all that). Your version looks to be the only one i have ever seen that will last the distance - very smart.

  8. Ps the Danes also believe that early spring sun burns more than summer sun.

  9. Your bracelet looks like it will last as long as you want it to. Well done.