Thursday, 24 February 2022

Off the Island

 Most of our outings during the winter are for medical reasons. For scans, ops, specialist appointments we must go to the cities of Argos or Nafplio an hour or so away.

Dear daughter has just had an op for her carpal tunnel syndrome.
K is having scans and opinions for a very painful severed tendon in his arm

We're back today for cutting of stitches for daughter and more consultation for that tendon

And it's market day.
Fresh fish and vegetables, clothes, wine
I was surprised at the great number of empty spaces where stalls used to be. Because of the freeze which destroyed crops or covid?  Not only were there half the stalls but also very few customers. 

After the consultations and the market we went to a very traditional cafenion for wine and snacks.  This is not a cafeteria where you can find a variety of coffees, cocktails, a dozen different beers and loud music. This is a place where men meet to drink a Greek coffee, ouzo with a snack, play backgammon or gossip with friends. I call it the Old Men's Cafe. K loves it, joins in with the conversation at the next door table, drinks wine and enjoys the traditional food.

Lidls is my shopping therapy.
This week the special offers are all on Chinese food. Finally I can find a variety of noodles, vegetables and sauces.

We stop on the way home at the roadside stalls which sell mainly citrus, oil, preserved olives and squash at this time of the year

Looking down on the fertile citrus growing area of Epidavros


  1. Except for the medical bits, it sounds like a good day out.
    I hope the painful tendon problem gets sorted.

    1. It needs major repair. Not what K wants to hear. Otherwise it was a good day out. Daughter is jolly company

  2. Hopefully the tendon will be fixed, and you can come out the other side with a pain free hand
    Unfortunately you have to go through the pain first
    Glad the rest of the day was nice and relaxing

    1. That tendon needs major repair. He's slowly coming to realise that.