Monday, 10 May 2021

Summer Change


Freedom.  Cafes and tavernas are open.  We went out for morning coffee and a sesame roll, koulouri.  There weren't many people about which surprised me.  All the cafes had a few tables of people.  No overcrowding.

It was a bit different at night apparently. Young kids out for a good time

Tall Poppi came and scrubbed our small rugs.  It looks like she's enjoying herself.  She also re-arranged some breeze blocks to make a small garden, brought down our summer fans and garden cushions from the small space over the bathroom and took down the curtains in the living room so I can wash out the smoke from winter's fires.


  1. What a great photo of Poppi!

  2. She looks as though she is having a great time.

    1. She enjoys any job she's given, thank goodness. A joy to have around

  3. That cafe looks wonderful! Summer is coming for you. Today is FREEZING where we are, a real southerly blast.

  4. We seem to have lost a lot of your posts from our reading list feed thingie, and are enjoying catching up. Rug washing looks like fun - at east Poppi makes it look like fun.