Monday, 13 August 2018

Visiting Time

My grandson thinks the relatives from downunder arrive in relays every summer according to the luck of their draw.  Everyone puts their name in a hat and the lucky visitors for  2108............ my niece from Perth followed by my nephew and niece from NZ.  

Last year we had a different set of relatives, my older brother and his family, the year before that my younger brother.  Middle brother visits at will, weddings, baptisms, even the middle of winter. They've all been here with us many times over the years, in Piraeus, Crete, the island of Salamina and now Poros.

Their children are now coming separately on European holidays, combining Greece with France, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Croatia and of course London.  My niece  was visiting for the 4th time.  Our most frequent flyer.  It's a long way to come from downunder.  From NZ it is almost 24 hours in the air, besides all the waiting and transfer time, plus a couple of plane changes.  Perth, Australia is a little closer.

No need to pick her up at the airport.  She manages her travel from her iphone or whatever electronic device she owns and arrives as scheduled on the hydrofoil

Straight across the road to the T-Cafe for a greek iced coffee
Her cousins pop in to say welcome and arrange  the activities for the rest of the day.  Sunbathing, swimming, a siesta and eating
Fai, fai paidi, eat my child, she will hear again and again

First night is souvlaki night
The most popular of greek food, except the greek salad
A 'healthier' plate of pork or chicken souvlaki on a skewer with piles of chips

Or a luscious pita wrapped around gyro, tzatziki and fried potatoes with tomato and onion

Poros is crowded and we were lucky to get a table for the 12 of us .
*15th August is fast approaching and the island is humming.  Even at midnight there was still a steady stream of people ambling downtown, kids full of energy chasing each other along the harbour and demanding icecream.  The parking area down by the car ferry was crazy full.  All the parking spaces were taken and cars were parked haphazardly wherever there was the tiniest space to squeeze into.

We  re-discovered another beach to hang out
Chairs and a table in the shade, beers from the canteen, a sandy beach (no stones) and the water just a metre away

Family BBQ time
Organised chaos
This is our summer-evening terrace
Sometimes we can see the lights of coastal Athens.  That night was a bit hazy but we did espy the rogue billy-goats gnawing on the olive trees next door

Kathryn has found this year that she can communicate with the whole family.  She always could but a lot of it was sign language and giggling 
The grandchildren all speak english now so she was at ease with english conversation and instant translation

The last day was spent at the beach again
Moussaka by the sea in the evening
drinks on the waterfront for her farewell

Adieu.  Till you return......

*15th August is Assumption Day and the most important day on the Orthodox calendar.  Greece closes down for this holiday


  1. I love the way that both Kiwis and Aussies refer to 'Going overseas'; it makes it sound much more adventurous.

    15th August is the French national day. People go crazy, we stay at home.

    1. They all go on their big OE, overseas experience. They all seem to migrate towards London and stay away for months. Next week the 2nd lot arrive, a niece and nephew on their way to London for an extended stay.
      15th August is unbearable. Sounds as though you have the same problem. We hunker down for a week but have to go out to celebrate for an unlawful name day. We hate it and search for excuses every year. Damn it, we'll be going across the waters on wed night

    2. Unlawful, yeh, wish it was

  2. Living in a holiday destination, you get guests. :-)

    Great fun all round.

    Oh I'll bet there will be big celebrations, for Aug. 15th!!!! And perhaps, another admonition, by the old priest, to cover up modestly???? ,-)

    Have fun!

    1. Yes I bet the monk would expect us all to be covered even in this summer heat. I won't be going anywhere near a church!!

  3. Kali taxithie
    Halo safe travels to her
    The food looks mouthwatering and the weather Devine
    I’m so over this cold. And I’ve only been back a few weeks lol

    1. The weather is fantastic for August. Hot days but a cool breeze in the evening. Good summer. So nice to have visitors who understand and an excuse to spend all day by the water