Sunday 1 July 2018

Row Row Row Your Boat ... as fast as you can

School may be out for the summer but there is plenty for kids to do on this small Greek island.  Besides jumping fires and dancing the tango the grandchildren are also keen rowers.

The National championships for the younger age group are taking place on Mytilene this weekend.  Two of the grandchildren are rowing, one in the single skiff and one in the double.

Mytilene is the port and capitol of the island of Lesbos (pronounced Lesvos)  known for its superior ouzo and its salted sardines which are the perfect meze for a glass of ouzo.  

Lesbos, opposite the coast of Turkey, is also the site of one of the most overcrowded and violent refugee camps.  Hundreds of refugees are still arriving monthly and the camp built for 700 has been extended for thousands.  

Life goes on for the locals who live from tourism and an advertising campaign reassures tourists that Lesbos is still an enchanting holiday destination 

Here are Team Poros ready to board their first ferry to the Port of Piraeus, a trip of 2 hours.  At Piraeus they have a 5 hour wait and then an overnight ferry to Lesvos .

Storm Nefeli has given us alternate days of sunshine and then torrential rain and finally high winds but it seems to be over now and the team had smooth sailing all the way.

The whole family came down to cheer the team onto the boat
Handing over the vittles needed for the journey

Pappou made them a large bowl of traditional keftethakia (meatballs). Loads of mint and garlic, no salt. The aroma of them in the frying pan was tantalising, begging me to devour one ... But I didn't
Greeks can't go on a journey without keftethakia!
Nana provided a bottle of non-traditional ketch-up.

News just coming in from Mytilene 
Lydia and Jamie both got into the finals
Libby Loo got the silver medal in the single skiff
Jamie had a terrific race too
A great experience for both of them
Lots of hard training and Pappou's meatballs
A winning combination!


  1. There just always seems to be so much going on in your neck of the woods. I think your food always looks wonderful and I'm sure most tasty. Lost of family events.

    1. Having grandchildren keeps us involved in a lot of activities otherwise we would have a very quiet lfe

  2. Sunshine, delicious food and lots to do - you are selling paradise to me. Your grandchildren lead a wonderfully active and sociable life.

    Did the rain do any good - or was it the 'wrong' sort of rain?

  3. Fortunately the rain wan't heavy enough to cause damage in the garden or make craters in the road. The on off rain was fantastic for the garden and now with more or less endless sunshine everything has greened up a little ............. before it all goes gry and brown again

  4. I guess taking meatballs along on a road trip for you, is like taking sandwiches for us? -Jenn

    1. Yes, more or less. The meatballs will usually be accompanied by a large loaf of bread, wedges of cheese and a bottle of water the least!
      Greeks look after themselves

  5. Your grandchildren are growing up in a very healthy environment!
    Greetings Maria x

    1. They spend time at the computer but more time outside especially in the summer, swimming, biking and doing sports

  6. Glad they have fun with this summer sport.
    And that they did so well.

    Hmmmm... The so-called refugee problem is scary. I'd not want to go to that area. Even though the tourist bureau is trying to sell the safety.

    1. Refugees still coming in daily and no hope at the moment for them to continue on to a new life. Thousands arrive, hundreds are relocated.
      Wish politicians could work out a solution.

  7. Well done Libby Loo (I love that name!). Slight rumblings of thunder here this morning.

    1. I have nicknames for all my grandchildren, as do you.