Friday, 15 June 2018

WTF Greek Style

1 - WTF

For 27 years Greeks have been blocking the country over the border from calling itself Macedonia.  Macedonia is a Greek state in the north of our country, home of Alexander the Great.  Macedonia is Greek say the greeks and only Greek.

Greek Macedonian Flag

The neighbouring country, which the Greeks call Skopje, which the world offically knows as FYROM (Former Democratic Rebublic of Yugoslavia), has adopted the red and yellow flag of Macedonia and demands the right to call itself just that, saying they also are Macedonians.

Macedonian Flag of Skopje

After 27 years of 'stiff' negotiations Greece and Skopje have come to an agreement.  It will be known as Northern Macedonia.  

For 27 bloody years Greeks have denied them the right to that name saying they will block their entry to NATO and the EU if they adopt any name with Macedonia in it.

Now our PM is calling this a historic agreement.      The people of Greece however are saying he has given away a piece of greek history and culture and betrayed the greek nation.

Protests began immediately all over the country and the Greek Parliament is debating a No-Confidence vote.

Churches in the city of Kalavrita were ordered to ring their bells in mourning by  hardliner Bishop Amvrosisos after news of the agreement.

Actually there are protests on both sides of the border and I doubt the agreement will ever be signed despite pressure from the US, EU, IMF and NATO to resolve the issue

2 - WTF

During the no-confidence debate a member of  the Golden Dawn party, an extreme right wing party,  called for the army to arrest the PM, President and Minister of Defence (Leader of the coalition party) and to take over the country in a military coup. 

Golden Dawn in the Greek Parliament

I haven't heard it on Greek news yet but according to foreign news sources  that was too much even for the far-right and he has been thrown out of the party.  He will also be investigated by the Justice Ministry.

3 - WTF

Terrorist Dimitris Koufontinas was sentenced, in 2003, to 11 life sentences for carrying out a series of murders for the terrorist group November 17th.  There was huge objection from the public when twice he was given 48 hour prison leave in the last few months.
Life imprisonment with home leave!

Being greeted by supporters on his first leave

His next request for leave was blocked so he went on a hunger strike.  Today he stopped his hunger strike as he has been granted another 48 hour 'recouperation' pass.  

The terrorist group carried out 103 attacks on US, British, Greek and Turkish targets, killing 23 people.  One of their leaders, also allowed out on prison leave, failed to return after one of his 'holidays' and remained at large for 18 months.  He was apparently preparing for another attack when he was finally re-arrested.

So despite protests from Britain and the US, outrage from the vitcim's families and the possibility of his disappearance, terrorist and murderer Koufontinas has been yet again given leave to recouperate and plot.

4 - No WTF here. Just the usual crap

Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs announced that not even a bird will  fly over the Aegean without Turkish consent.

 Turkey  claims ownership of  15, 18, 100 Greek islands, depending on who's ranting.

Turkish Coast Guard ship rams Greek Harbour patrol

Turkish jets hassle plane carrying greek PM

Turkey has elections on June 24. Maybe the conflict will calm down once Erdogan rules supreme once more and has no need to show his might by threatening greek sovereignty

Turkish PM


  1. Are the Greeks going to get them to give back Alexander the Great too? They claim him as there's. Skopje has a giant statue, I remember writing about it on my blog once.

    1. Skopje apparently has agreed to removing some of these statues and any signs of Alexander and they must change something in their constitution before greece signs on the dotted line which is why our neighbours are also protesting against the agreement.
      Still a lot more negotiation needed I think

    2. I somehow don't think the Republic of Macedonians in Skopje are going to agree to this, I remember them being VERY passionate about Alexander the Great being theirs, and seeing the statue, all very new at the time I was there five/six years ago.

    3. The Macedonians to the north consider themselves descendants of Alexander too so, yes , I agree with you. The two leaders may have shaken hands and signed a paper but until it is passed by both parliaments nothing is official.
      Don't think it is going to happen.

  2. It's a funny old world!

    I remember in Kos being warned of Turkish jets flying over. They were simply trying to intimidate; I don't think it worked.

    1. Greece claims ten miles of airspace and turkey only recognised six I think so both sides think they are right in complaining but Turkish jets seem to fly a lot further into greek airspace

  3. Sounds like there's alot going on here, I'm quite happy we have more boring events here in NZ.

    1. And that's without mentioning the economy, refugees or the weather !

  4. I can imagine the passionate and heated conversations stimulated by this lot!

    1. Football has taken very now but blood pressure was raised a week ago!

  5. Men, who make money form war, will always stir up the people to make that war.
    The ones that suffer are the mothers and wives.
    Greeks are so passionate it’s not hard to stir them and to get them to fight for what they believe is right
    I’m not saying I’m with any of them decisions. I’m saying the cosmakie should think long and hard before they start with the rally cry
    Once al things are considered. Then a decision must be made and the whole of Ellas will be behind you xxx

    1. Greeks are surprisingly calm about all this. There is an outburst of indignation when things occur and then it's just taken for granted.
      I'm sure once upon a time they would have burnt down parliament and lynched a few politicians. Political lies and subterfuges are just the norm now.

    2. Actually I think they've realised that protest makes no difference. Higher powers control the ordinary Greeks life.
      Since 2010 life has changed so much and there is nothing any of us can do about it....except debate and argue