Saturday, 24 February 2018

The Carnival is Never Over ....

As we drove out one winter's morning     ...........

A herd of shaggy greek sheep.  Their shephard was behind them on a motor bike.  They scattered amongst the olive trees

First of the blood red poppies.   Poppies usually appear in early April .  These are very early

The green chairs cafe has stacked its chairs temporarily in this damp weather.  The sky is blue but the flagstones are wet

This is the green scene from my balcony.  Birdsong and a fleeting breeze in the olives to soothe the soul

If only ..... there is the sea far away in  the background.  We can hear the chug chug of the little fishing boats as they follow the coastline searching for a shoal of little fish.  We can only glimpse the sea because of a curtain of trees and powerpoles.

Carnival really is over for this year but here are the last of my carnival photos

The grandchildren built a second push cart.  No brakes, no steering but they do at least wear our crash helmets and now start lower down the hill so the momentum doesn't take them into the olive trees and the stinging nettles.    Good fun

Wearing grandad's naval uniform.  These are the actual uniforms he wore when he first entered the Naval school on Poros at age 13, 47 years ago

.... and the men partied on


  1. It is lovely to see your grandchildren enjoying themselves, playing outside and building push carts, as we did when we were young.
    Poppies, my favourite wildflower, are very early there because here they're usually out at the end of May, with a beautiful display on my birthday. Linda, you are so lucky to have such a wonderful view from your balcony!
    Your husband seems very popular among your friends and he certainly must be of great company too - and with the combination of family, friends, food - the fun is definitely ensured!
    Greetings Maria x

    1. The children really enjoy themselves out here in the country. The boys are always 'fixing' things with Grandads tools, climbing trees and even running now. They ran last weekend for an hour up and down the hills and in the forest.
      My husband is at his finest when he has company. He loves discussion and some wine

  2. Lovely to see the views from your home, the children playing, good food and friends. Love poppies. The England of my childhood was poppies and cornflowers. Enjoy the sun, it's all dull and rain here.

    1. Those poppies are gorgeous when they're all blooming.
      Cloudy and a little cold here today. Yesterday was brilliant sunshine and we did enjoy it

  3. Yup. For Greeks it doesn’t matter. There is always a reason to eat, drink and be happy.
    Not a bad way to be I think xx

  4. I love the photograph of the red poppies.

    1. Two lonely little red poppies. In may there will be a whole field of them