Friday, 8 December 2017

Pre Christmas

Our family has a plethora of Sagittarians.   Friendly, on a slow fuse, promising more than they intend to deliver, supposedly avid travellers, companions of cat and dog, droppers of bricks.  I'm one of them.  I know.  Especially about dropping bricks!  I never mean to be tactless, indiscreet, embarrassing.  It just comes out sounding not quite the way I meant it.  

 Last weekend we had a Sagittarian party.  Four birthdays, four cakes.  There are more in the family, many more.

My present
 - one of the NZ flags suggested in the recent referendum as a change from the Union Jack and the Southern Cross to a flag which represents modern New Zealand and stands out from the flag we have today which so much resembles the Australian flag and half a dozen other Commonwealth countries.

This flag has the four stars of the Southern Cross seen in the NZ skies, and the silver fern leaf which is the symbol worn by athletes and representatives of our small progressive nation.

The hardware shop down on Poros has half a dozen of these flags which were put forward as a replacement. 

On the table a jug of strong, vodka spiked sangria.  Out of sight two bottles of fruity French sauv blanc. 

On the menu.
Meat loaf
stuffed chicken roll
mashed potatoes
garlic bread
pavlova and cheesecake

Not a greek dish in sight!

The four of us, each with our cake of choice
Me, two grandsons and son-in-law

Once the eating was done half the table was emptied, a few leftovers crowded down one end of the table for Greek men to nibble as they continued on, as greeks do, with conversation, discussion and a glass or two

The rest of the family decorated the house and put up the Christmas tree

Happy elves under the tree.  A Coca-Cola promotion quite a few years ago

Junior the dog got decorated as well

A few streamers ended up on the ceiling beams

Others had to dig in and do the dishes, load up the washer, scrub the pots.  Not me though.  Not on my birthday!

Poor girls.  Chief cooks and bottle washers today


                           And the men partied on


  1. A fellow Fire sign Linda. The best, My mother was Sagittarian and I'm Aries. We used to clash a lot. Two very similar signs.

    1. One of my granddaughter's is Aries. 'determined' is a good word to describe her. We have lots of Geminis and scorpions too. Hard work!

  2. Happy birthday to you all!
    Looks like lots of fun for everyone xxx

  3. It's none of my business, but I do agree about the NZ flag. Personally I would suggest plain black with the fern leaf; it's the one we all recognise as being from NZ.

    Very happy birthday from France.... Do you lot ever stop partying?

    1. Lent is a bit quiet but carnival goes on before for three weeks so they need 40 days to recouperate.
      We were all hoping for the silver fern. A NZ friend said 'never' he didn't want a plant on his flag. Very strange thinking

    2. Does he think the same for the All Blacks shirts?

  4. Happy birthday. Your family table always looks so happy and tasty.

    1. It is one day in the year we have English or foreign food. Last year it was homemade sushi and sweet and sour chicken

  5. I am a Saggi too and I always want to be somewhere else and wanting change. We love Sangria. especially when its sunny. Happy birthday LA.

  6. Happy birthday to you too. I used to love travelling, even f only to the closest town but I'm not so restless anymore. I read travel books instead.