Sunday 25 December 2016

Xmas Day in photos

Xmas day in a Greek home.  A sunny warm day.  The children roared around the neighbourhood burning off the extra sugar. Highlight of the day for them, a tortoise shell (sounds better than dead tortoise) which is now hanging in a tree to dry out.  Photo of that tomorrow.

11am a plate of tripe soup and a few glasses of wine.  The soup is the broth from a boiled goat's foot and stomach.  Just the thing to settle the stomach and prepare it for the feast to come

Chief cook and bottle washer.  We have a dish washer but Elli washed at least three loads by hand even before the battle began.  She's done her dish washing duty for 2016, '17 and '18........she says

The famous Christmas loaf just before it was 'broken'.  It rose and rose up in the pan but fortunately didn't fall over the sides and was perfectly baked.

Traditional Xmas fare .  Pork and celery with an egg and lemon sauce

Another popular greek winter festive dish.  Pieces of lamb, pork and chicken cooked in their own juices in a sealed clay pot. 

There were cabbage and lettuce salads, crispy potatoes, roast pumpkin, a stuffed chicken ( my prefered tradition) sprouts and loads of gravy with  a flavour boost from some English Bisto and Greek wine

Kronia polla, kali orexi and kala christoyenna

Santa arrives ringing his bell to share out the presents under the tree

Playing with our presents.  A selfie stick

A greek spelling game.  I discovered my greek wasn't quite as good as I thought it was and handed my turn over to my grandson and his sister

One of the desserts.  Ekmek.  Shredded pastry base with a nutty creamy topping.

We also had some individual chocolate souffles (from a packet, so much easier), a xmas log which teenage grandson ate all by himself.  All the food goes to his huge feet and he just grows taller.  The log was a dismal failure but even though the chocolate base was tough it was full of sweet strawberry jam and cream which he ate with gusto.

Happy name day to  Christos and Christina

Best wishes to all of you.

Kronia Polla kai kala Christoyenna


  1. Our Christmas meal sounds quite simple in comparison to yours! It's a good thing there were plenty of you around. Best wishes.

    1. Every year I wish we could do 'simple'! Far too much food and far too many leftovers. Everyone went home with a big doggy bag. We'll be gathering at another house today to do some finishing off. Once more into the bloody breach....

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your family
    I didn't get pics of all the food I have been eating the past three days!
    Thank goodness it's over for another year and I can start to walk it off!
    Ke to xrono. xxxxxx

    1. I saw the lamb on the spit. that was so familiar .... Just not at Xmas lol. If your has just a tinge of greek I can imagine those groaning tables and stomachs! Looks like you had a real family Xmas. Great to be a part of an extended family!! We are doing it all again with in-laws and leftovers tonight.GROAN

  3. Happy belated Xmas!

    1. Thanks for the Xmas greetings. And now a very happy new years day to you and a year of happiness and health

  4. Hope you had a great time. Ekmek means bread in Turkish...

  5. Hi Sol. Had no idea what ekmek meant. Thanks

    1. its the bread with yeast not the flat breads. do you have any bread = ekmek varma? is that close to Greek? it is pronounced hh e leeb, or kheleeb depending on where you are from in the Ukraine.

      Like Rachel I am loving learning about everything in Greece I am finding it facinating. Having been on holiday, there quite a few times I know I have only scratched the surface. But am loving getting to know the real Greece through your eye! Thanks

    2. No ekmek farms or kheleeb. Easter flat bread is called lagana. Sweet bread at Easter tsoureki. Trying to think of others. In different parts of the country there are very different traditions. If I remember any thing else I will tell you! Thank you for your comments