Wednesday 21 December 2016

a la Grece

When preparing to post a recipe 'a la Grec' I googled to check on the spelling.  And another post was born.

  Every country has a name, a name which they call themselves in their own language and often another name which everyone else uses. The list for Greece was quite interesting.

I had thought the title of my recipe would be
a la Grec   or even   a la Greque
but in French 'Greece' is written Grece with an accent of some sort on the first 'e'.


 Maori   -  Kirihi
Irish      -  An Ghreig
German -  Greichenland
Cornish  -  Pow Grek

The Greeks on the other hand call their country 'Ellada' or 'Hellas'.  Its official name is the Hellenic Republic.

'Greece' came from the latin 'Graecia' and means 'the land of the Greeks.

The recipe is coming tomorrow.

Kali nichta from Ellada


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    2. Thank you Yael. It's really interesting to hear all these different versions of the country's name

  2. When we recently sent a parcel to Sweden (Suede) it ended up in Ireland (Irelande).

    1. There are idiots everywhere. How those two got mixed makes the mind boggles. Now and again when I tell someone I'm from nz, they say 'ahh Iceland! You're used to the cold then'

  3. No matter what you call it.
    It's all just Greek to me lol

    1. Double Dutch and greek.....incomprehensible unless you're an insider....except half the English language is based on greek . Really helps when you're doing crosswords!

  4. The Romans called Ireland: Hibernia. Which means: land of eternal winter. Look forward to the recipe.

    1. I have vaguely heard of Hibernia. Should mean land of the Faerie or wee people...far more romantic. Recipe flying through space right now