Friday 30 December 2016

Snow on the Acropolis??

The temperature forecast for Athens is 4oC. Cold, freezing cold.  The last time we had temperatures like that in the capitol there was also a problem with air pollution.  Heating oil is becoming a luxury item.  More and more households have wood burning stoves.  Like us.  We had central heating put in but haven't used it for a few years and bought ourselves a wood burning stove which heats the house and cooks our food as well.
In Athens they were burning any wood they could find and the fumes from burning furniture and treated wood became very dangerous.

The last time we used the central heating must have been two years ago when we had visitors from downunder in January.  We put two hundred euros of heating oil in the tank and kept the house warm, especially the bedrooms, while they were here. 

We also had the wood stove then because I remember it smoking.  They must have gone home with a suitcase of smoky clothes.  Lucky it was summer downunder and excellent weather for laundry.

This year we didn't have a white xmas but we could have a white New Year.  On Poros we have gale force winds, no boats running, except a few brave water taxis across to the mainland and now and again the car ferry when there is a lull in the storm.  

There is a good covering of snow on the hills opposite.

In Athens this morning there was a smattering of snow covering the Acropolis.  

The Parthenon of Athens on top of the hill called the Acropolis no longer under the summer sun


Some of my grandchildren are in Athens at the moment enjoying the Christmas fetsivities.  Most enjoyment came from a trip out into the suburbs beneath the mountains of Ymittos.  The outing of course was to throw snowballs at each other and make a snowman.  Snow.  Wow

Heavy snow all over Greece. Roads closed, villages cut off. Greek  Facebook full of snow photos. 

I thought today, Friday, would be worse but the sun has appeared and snow is melting fast. Darn.


  1. Oh my, that's terrible that people were burning furniture! If you are sad about your snow melting, I would gladly share my snow with you if I could. -Jenn

  2. Ha!! I don't think I really want any more snow. It was great for one day. Maybe the sun will actually come out tomorrow.

  3. Sounds cold for Greece although we often used to see cold refugees on the tv when they first started piling through Greece.

    1. Hundreds maybe thousands of refugees are still in tents. Bloody miserable life. Waiting waiting . To go where?

  4. Sounds really bad
    In 1972 I think? We were in Athens in the winter and it snowed. But it only lasted half a day
    It's sad that heating oil is so expensive.
    We are lucky. We ave a friend with a huge farm and we sorce our heating wood from there. It's free but we have to do all the work
    Which isn't too bad. A free workout as well
    Have a happy new year and stay warm, dry and safe xxx

    1. Still cold today but the sun is out. Looks like it will be a warmer new years. We have olive trees that need pruning but theyre up a long goat track. Looks like we might have to find a way to get the wood . His mama and baba used donkeys back then

      Happy new year to you and your family

  5. Still quite mild here. Very slight frosts in the mornings, then sunshine. I hope it lasts.

    1. Your area seems to be getting milder weather than us...and drier. The sun is out here now but still damned cold