Tuesday 3 October 2023

Big Fat Greek Wedding

I thought the cinema had closed down till next summer.  Then my daughter phoned and asked me if I wanted to go and see
My Big Fat Greek Wedding No 3
Of course I did

It's had bad reviews, even in Greece
We loved it

The way to really appreciate this film is to go and see it with 4 crazy greek girls.  Preferably watch it on a roof top at an open air cinema on a greek island.  
All of us roared with laughter all the way through.   
Such a good take-off of greek culture, greek mothers, aunts and cousins. 

It's good light entertainment.
Someone said
' it was a big, fat, jolly, ride through absolutely amazing scenery.'

We were all googling away to see where it had been filmed or if the island had a name.  It seems to have been filmed mainly on Corfu (Kerkyra) with bits and pieces from other islands and villages.  

The music was great and of course we recognised most of that too.
And the dancing

There were heartwarming scenes and I gave a sniff or two.  One big sniff, sniff came as they exited Athens airport and stepped on Greek soil for the first time.  
Unbelievable but, yes, you're in Greece .  It's hot, it's full of ancient ruins and they do drink an awful lot of frappe (iced coffee) and it's strong.

Greeks really do believe that every word, probably even nachos, has a greek root 
  Greek 'voodoo' (the evil eye) is still alive and kicking

There was a big fat foreign head  blocking the screen.  The tallest guy on Poros decided to sit in front of us.  So we moved over a couple of seats.

Every 4 or 5 chairs there's a handy table so you can put your cigarettes, ashtray (without someone's old gum) and drinks on it and make yourself comfortable.

And what did we eat and drink?
This time it wasn't popcorn

One daughter got a box of nachos with a cheesy sauce on top
Oh wow.  I was tempted but I didn't have any

The other 3 crazy greek girls had souvlaki
It's a tradition.  You buy souvlaki at the shop down the road and smuggle it upstairs in your big bag brought for the occasion .
Actually you don't need to smuggle it in. They're used to it. We all buy our drinks up there and they sell loads of nachos, popcorn, chips and beer. 

So it was a real greek experience.
  A comedy and four laughing-out-loud greek 'girls' chowing down on nachos and souvlaki oozing garlicky tzatziki, tomato and gyro.
And  a cigarette or 2 as well


as in 'let go. enjoy yourself, you're in Greece'



  1. That sounds like a big, fat heap of fun!

    1. It was! Two films in one month, one summer, one year for me. That's a big fat bundle of fun

    2. Remember those nights,! X

  2. I literally haven't been to the movies in years, we still have cinemas here and I didn't think many people went there but it seems they still do, can't beat the big screen I guess. Haven't seen that movie yet but I will see if I can find it.

  3. I think I would have enjoyed seeing with you 4 in Greece! I did like the scenery!

    1. I think the atmosphere would be so different from an english cinema you'd definitely enjoy it . A total greek experience

  4. Sounds like an awesome movie - I'll have to see if I can find it somewhere to watch :)

    1. I hope you appreciate it if you do see it.
      Think greece, forget plots and screenplay and critics. Just enjoy it as a light comedy

  5. Replies
    1. That particular souvlaki is darn good. Oozing with flavour

  6. I think I’d love any movie watching it like that
    I had a big sniff moment when I returned to Greece after forty years. It’s kinda like that isn’t it. I also had that same moment when I got to. And left my dads home island It never leaves your blood.

    1. Arriving in Greece, and being greeted by its smells, sounds, the greek people and the heat is an experience you don't forget.

  7. What a wonderful way to watch that film, hope it turns up on Netflix. I saw and enjoyed the first, quite a while ago now.

  8. I loved the first one! Point of interest: my niece just married a young man whose father was from Greece and they are planning on having a wedding ( again) in Greece next year. Anyone who can make it is invited to come! I really hope we can make it work! - Jenn

    1. Oh how marvellous. I wonder where he comes from, which island or village! You've got to make it work! Come and have a real greek experience. And google Poros. Which, by the way has a small church on a very small islet that is very popular for weddings!

  9. Sounds like a fantastic night out! I loved the first film as well, have watched it many times.

    1. The first was the best. But that's usually the way of things

  10. 4 crazy Greek girls lol, sounds like a lot of fun! I LOVE souvlakis. I used to eat chicken souvlakis so often when I lived in the city!

    1. My two girls and granddaughters laugh a lot!!
      And we all love souvlaki 🤗
      It's the best of fast food!