Monday 15 October 2018

The rest of the day ....

Move it, move it.   Lets get through some more of this day 

I got an early morning phone call from a courier office that a parcel had arrived and would we come and pick it up.  Did I listen when they gave me the message?  Of course not.  I heard something, I heard wrong.  We have four different courier services here.  I trotted confidently off to the first.  After an exhaustive search there was a shaking of the head.  No parcel of spare parts for K.  There is a saying here 'those who do not have brains have legs'.  So off I went to the second and then the third office.  Finally found it at the fourth.  I didn't tell my dear husband though.  He's already certain I'm having suspiciously too many 'senior moments'.

Next off to daughter at the Accountants office to get a paper to pay our tax installments, personal and house.   That was easily done.  What will not be so easy will be paying them.  Like most of Greece we either wait till the last minute or until the pension is deposited.  There are always long lines at the banks at the end of the tax month.

K will be doing that.  He can catch up with his friends waiting in the queue and learn all the gossip.

Time for lunch.  Fresh tuna salad made from yesterday's left-over baked tuna, fresh from the sea.  This time it was a macaroni tuna salad with tomatoes and cucumber onion, and corn and an olive oil vinagrette.

And siesta.

The rest of the day was just as busy but more sociable so of course you'll be hearing about that too in due course.


  1. I especially like the "Nap" part! This is necessary, every afternoon, here. :-)


  2. Over the years I have definitely got into the habit though more so in the summer when the afternoons are so hot. Seems like a waste of daylight hours in the winter but it has become a habit that I cannot break

  3. Couriers are paid handsomely to deliver parcels to your door. They hardly ever do this, and just leave them somewhere for you to collect. It gets on my bloody nerves!

    1. We are always complaining about this as well but it hasn't got us anywhere. We want our parcels sent to our daughter who is downtown. We have trained one at least to deliver to her office. Honestly it is supposed to be door to door service and everyone knows everyone here and where they live or work, you'd think it wouldn't that much of a hassle

  4. mmm your descriptions of food make me hungry. Greek food seems to be more interesting than kiwi food.