Friday 26 October 2018

Family Feasting ... preparation

It has been some time since I wrote about a family feast.  
We had a gathering of our immediate clan last weekend
Lots of preparations and lots of leftovers
We'll be eating well this week

Cheese pie in a roll
Instead of making one big pie or lots of little triangles I made long rolls and curved them round the baking dish like a snake.  Delicious any way.  Homemade filling was very simple,  Just crumbled feta cheese, an egg, a few spoons of bechamel sauce and chopped mint.  Sometimes I use nutmeg instead of mint.  The pastry was ready made very thin filo.

Snails alive alive o
Getting their last rites

Snails in the pot
Stewed with tomatoes, onion and garlic

Snails fried
with garlic, oil, salt, vinegar and rosemary
The men loved these and ate most of them as an appetiser with a glass of raki.
These ones were not from our garden. 

Made with vine leaves I had blanched and frozen last spring

Ready to go in the oven
The smaller loaf has lots of grated gouda to melt inside

Plain and with cheese

Pavlova before decoration.
I made aioli again, the garlic mayonaise
Leftover egg whites were used to make a pavlova
I haven't made a pavlova in many, many years.  Usually I just eat them. It is really a very easy sweet to make and this one was devoured quickly

Pavlova going going gone

This is only some of the food that went out on the table.  We had to have pork of course.  K made a dish of baked meats.  Chunks of chicken, lamb and pork roasted in the oven with potatoes.  The coleslaw was one of our best.  It had apple, walnut, grated carrot, celery and cabbage in the salad then some whiskey in the sauce

The End


  1. ok lol everything looks good except the snails, I just can't imagine them going in my mouth.

    1. Naked snails are not attractive but when they're in a delcious sauce they slip down quite easily lol

  2. You know how to feast! I don't know why, I just don't think I could bring myself to eating the snails, but everything else... bring it on! -Jenn

    1. Snails are not my favourite but done the right way they are definitely edible!

  3. Looking good and I am sure it tasted good as well.

    1. Best of all were the cheese pie and coleslaw. I din't eat much of anything else!

  4. It’s great to see a famous Southern Hemisphere desert I amongst all that Greek food.
    Now your table looks like one of ours lol
    Kali orexi

    1. Yes, that downunder dessert just makes the 'table'. I really must start making it more. I've always left it to visitors or my daughter

  5. You've just reminded me that I was going to blanche and freeze some vine leaves myself this year. I totally forgot.

    The snails I eat are cooked with garlic, butter, parsley, and breadcrumbs. I don't think I've had them differently. Love 'em.

    1. Your snails always sound far more desirable. One day I'll try them like that

  6. The feast all looks delicious, including the snails. I love escargot!! I've never had pavlova but it always looks so good.

    1. Pavlova is just a big meringue topped with cream and fruit. I love it

  7. Replies
    1. It was a good menu but as usual far too much. Thank goodness the girls took away bowls of leftovers