Monday 10 September 2018

More Rellies*

The next wave of visitors arrived at the end of August.  

They stepped off the hydrofoil and got straight down to business
In the shade
Fair dinkum kiwis
with their very traditonal greek Uncle.  'Alfa' is this summer's preferred beverage for everyone
Sweet as!

To the beach and more Alfa on the sands

These two were privileged to meet Vaso, our remarkable neighbour and star of this blog.  She communicated in pigeon english and much gesturing
Her english is minimal and so was their greek but she loved the company and chance to 'tell' a few stories
Sam and Katy are learning three greek words a day
ena, dyo, tria

Cooking genuine greek stuffed tomatoes and green peppers with a 
genuine Greek

Another family bbq

We all immensely enjoy these sociable family gatherings 
and to be a traditional feast
we must have
 grilled pork, chicken, beef, lamb, sausages, a pile of pita bread and a ton of tzatziki 
Yes, Kathryn, we did it all over again 

Grilled octopus

These genuine (dinkum) kiwis love offal... and seafood of any sort
Anchovies, salted sardines

 grilled sardines eaten head and all,
fish roe, marinated mackeral
 and ouzo

The long table on the back terrace was used instead of the balcony surrounded by grapevines under the stars
We needed cover because it actually rained, for five minutes

Seated greek style.  Stretched out over three chairs and a beer at hand. Usually the feet are resting on two other chairs

 They helped around the home, carting the ancient 100 kilo  (so it seemed) TV out for recycling.  Katy scrubbed the last of the winter carpets and hung it over the fence to dry.  The long handled cobweb cleaner is waiting for their next visit.  The cobwebs will probably still be there ....

Greeks dancing!

Greek saying
'A starving bear does not dance'

These 'cubs' were full of traditional greek goodies and kiwi pavlova

*NZ Talk

Rellies  -  relatives
Fair dinkum    -   genuine
Togs     -  swimsuit, bathers
Sweet as   - awesome
Hokey pokey - the best damn ice-cream in the whole wide world


  1. Looks like fantastic fun!!!!!!!

    And very lovely, that they pitch in with work around the house!!!!

    Now..... Down to basics... ,-)))) Where/how do you sleep them all????? :-)))))))))))))

    1. We have a tiny guest room. Those tall kiwis just fit in the bed and the shower. But it's summer time and you sleep where there is a breeze, outside, by the balcony doors or even on the marble tiles!

  2. And your husband is actually Greek?

    1. My husband is a very genuine greek and local. His family have been around here for generations

  3. Replies
    1. Definitely imported! I'll always have that 'something' that makes me stick out as a foreigner, even after 42 years

  4. That looks wonderful - can I be your rellie, please?

    1. You speak the lingo so come on down! Just don't forget the pineapple lumps, Sanitarium marmite and Minties!!

  5. Ok. I know there is a lot of Aussie, kiwi arguments about what is traditionally who’s. but fair dinkum is definitely ours lol
    Looks like lots of fun.

    1. When I looked up slang from downunder I was amazed at the difference between aussie and nz slang. I think I am stuck back in the 70s. Fair dinkum does sound more australian... you can have that one lol
      It's all a totally different language now.

  6. It looks like a fair dinkum of a good time was had by all. Great pictures too.