Wednesday 30 May 2018

Our Local that Was

Summer of '17

As it was
Our local beach and bay at Vagionia Bay

Coffee, wine, ouzo or just a cool swim

Poseidon on beach duty
There was always someone to clean the beach.... and the sea 
after a northerly gale

Family get-togethers

Or just a book ...

And a glass of wine

Observing the wild life ...

close up and personal

The gang

Greek island paradise?

Summer of '18

Rules and regulations
Lack of local 'authority'
Laws laid down by the Ministry of Archeology
have turned the beach into this

A dusty expanse.  No shade.
No cool drinks

Plastic bags and old shoes on the beach

The sea full of debris

This little beach is located right below the ancient temple dedicated to the god of the sea, mighty Poseidon.  It must have been a safe harbour 4,000 years ago and there was probably a thriving settlement all the way up to the temple.  Nothing to show now and all that remains of the temple, the ancient market place and healing centre are a few lumps of marble and pieces of broken columns.  

You cannot build in some areas or even dig a hole although there are older houses at various places going up the hill.  The canteen was moved from the left side of the access road to the right last year , a space of about 10 metres, to comply with regulations.  Ridiculous? Of course.

The archeological ministry is not excavating in this area, nor is it likely to, but forbids any digging in the ground by anyone.  Those that own land in this forbidden zone can do nothing with their land except pick their olives.  

This why, to comply, the canteen was portable and moveable.

The owner of a small holiday home complained about the noise from the canteen which was now in front of his shack, which he used for a couple of weeks every summer.  He took them to court for blocking his view of the sea.

The council announced that at a ridiculously high rent a licence would be issued to put and rent sunbeds along the beach.  No-one bothered to bid on the option. Without the canteen there is no profit.

The ineffectual council, the house owner and the archeological dept. have managed to close down one of the island's most profitable and popular tourist beaches.  This on an island that lives off tourism.


  1. That is sad, I hope it will change again one day.

    1. The council seems unable to do anything. Bad news for the islanders

  2. Not a bit inviting, keeping my fingers crossed it will once again become lovely and clean.

    1. If we go swimming here this year we will need to haul along with us chairs umbrella and cold water. Such a pity it was a brilliant place to sit in the early morning for a coffee or an evening puzo

  3. "Lack of local 'authority'
    Laws laid down by the Ministry of Archeology"

    Please... Much more info, than just this.

    How??? Why???? Laws? By Ministry of Archeology? What the hell is the Ministry of Archeology???

    Are there some amazing artifacts, buried under there? If so, where are they and where is the dig?


    1. Every step you take in Greece you walk over some piece of history. The country can't afford to dig at places like this but try to stop anyone disturbing what might be under the ground. There acres and acres here that are privately owned but cannot be built on or used for business. That's just the way it s.
      I've added a bit more to the story

  4. If there is commerce, everyone benefits; even the local council. It seems odd that they should close it down.

    1. We can't understand that either. It made money, gave jobs to more than half a dozen young lads in the summer. We took photos and k emailed the Mayor but got an unsatisfactory reply that it was out of their hands. What's the council there for?

  5. Typical governments. Looking after the one with lots of money and forgetting everyone else
    As for the archeological society, well if your not going to excavate then let the person who owns the land do what they want.

    1. The archeologists seem to have the country in a strong hold though one or two stands have taken them to court and listened their hold considerably. As you say, if the owner finds something then ok, buy the land from them, otherwise let them use it damn it.

    2. All this land has been in the same families for generations and houses were built houses n it, families raised. Now this generation can do nothing if their property is in the wrong zone. One building has already been bulldozed down

    3. In that first reply it should have been ' or two islands'

  6. I wish this goes back to what it used to be but, if things work the way they do here then, there's not much hope I think. Sad, very sad!
    I liked the gang!
    Greetings Maria x

    1. That's our gang! They're growing up fast. One f them s off to university next year. Thank goodness we had a lot of summers of fun down there and lots of photos!

    2. Ps happy birthday Maria. May you have many many more

  7. Great Poseidon photograph. Rubbish seems to be a big problem on lots of beaches these days.

    1. This beach seems to be on a current which brings all the rubbish from passing boats . It needs a regular clean.
      But yes, all over the world there are beaches full of plastic and old shoes and a lot are never cleared

  8. It seems strange for the laws to change so suddenly- was there fair warning given? Is this a new government dept or is it just doing the changes more diligently than before?

    Are there other beaches to frequent or was this the only one nearby?

    1. This law has been around for years.someone just decided to enforce it.
      A few other beaches on the island, mostly rather crowded now. This one is 5 minutes away . Just down below us. It was the local watering hole for those who live around here which is why the whole thing annoys us so much.
      Who knows, it may reappear like the phoenix, next month, next year. Meantime we can still go swimming down there but no ouzo at dusk