Friday 25 May 2018

Festive Days again

The sun is shining every day now, days are long.  It's time to start celebrating once again.  Name days, birthdays and just any old days.

Saint Lydia  (and Linda)  20 May
*Saints Constantine and Helen -  Konstantinos and Eleni  21 May

*Emperor Constantine the Great and his mother Helen, Empress of the Holy Roman Empire.  Helen made a tour of the holy lands around the year 300 and allegedly found the true cross.

We had six members of our immediate family celebrating on these two days and another half dozen in the extended family.   They  are named after a Papou Kostas and Great-Papou Kontstantinos and on the female side we have a Yiayia Eleni and a Great Yiayia Eleni.

We have a Konstantin-os and a Konstantin-a
An Elli and a Nelli
Besides others

The first round of feasting was for the close family.  As usual the charcoal was lit 

Tucking in

Inbetween formal feasting, friends and neighbours are also 'treated' as they pass by throughout this festive time

The official fiesta on the feast day of Agios Konstantinos and Agia Eleni.  On the menu roast pork and boiled goat

Before photo.  Vaso dressed up in her 'going to visit' clothes.  She was at her finest and stayed till well after midnight.

  The celebrant at the end of the table on his phone, as he was all day long, taking phone calls and messages from a hundred or so friends, old Navy buddies, facebook 'friends' , third cousins three times removed and distant well wishers.

On the eve of the fiesta our local church, dedicated to Saints Konstantine and Helen, paraded their icon through the backstreets of Poros followed by a procession of priests, chanters and faithful.  The next morning there was a long service in the church, decorated with flags and flowers and best lace doilies,  with 5 priests plus the Bishop from the island of Hydra.  My sis-in-law Dina (Konstantina) took along holy bread to be blessed and a list of the family past and present whose names were read out also for a blessing.  Afterwards there was coffee served in the hall across the road and cakes and sweet bread brought and handed out by those whose name day it was.

Kronia Polla


  1. Your family table looks always so happy and tasty.

  2. Lots of happy noise and dogs barking and plenty of food for every taste. Children as you know only eat certain food. No eyeballs or boiled goat for them!!

  3. My mum's name is Lidia.
    I like tables like that where great grandparents to newborns participate! Fun, food, family and friend. Socialising. No place to get depressed.
    Happy Saint Linda!
    Greetings Maria x

    1. Many happy returns to your Mama. Lidia has two fiestas. One on 20 May and the other is in august I think.

    2. I think the other onomastico is on the 3rd August.

  4. And what feasting!!!!!!!! Yummmm...

    Thank you for sharing with us.

    The chef and birthday boy, who is he, please? Yes, I noticed he is on the phone, in that last picture. Good thing he had time to be chef!!!

    And who is Vaso? Perhaps the older lady at the table?

    A delight of living in a small town, which I think you do.... The religious celebrations, which include the whole town.

    1. Chef is my husband, Konstantinos, whose name day it was. He loves to cook, drink and have company.
      Vaso is indeed the white haired woman and our neighbour. She is usually out in the fields all day dressed in your husband's old clothes . She is 80 something, works hard all day every day, smokes like a chimney and drinks quite a bit. She's a very clever woman too can discuss politics and economics with the best. Quite a woman. Lives on her own except when children come to help on the land. Fearless too!

  5. It all looks wonderful. We have a friend who has a new grandson. He is to be named 'Rocket'. Is there a Saints Day for Rocket?

    Could I ask you to find the exact ratio of salt to water for the Olive brining process? I got it wrong last year, and don't want to make the same mistake again. I'd be extremely grateful.

    1. Rocket! How and why....? There's a saint of the rocket forces. Will that do. Poor kid.
      My husband puts enough salt into the water until an egg will float. I'll ask around and see what others do, including the all knowing Vaso

  6. oh I love occasions like this, I come from a big family, my mum is one of 10 so there's over 200 of us now, always joyous and happy when we get together.

  7. Those are the days I like others to do the cooking! I do cook some things but I'm happier plodding round making sure everyone else gets something to eat - that someone else has made.
    Funny about the name Rocket - my friends new grandson was named Marvel. Yes allowed as a proper name so on his birth certificate. Probably going to be called Marv!

  8. I think your family needs to adopt me. I swear I would fit right in and would even look Greek.

    1. I'm betting you would fit in perfectly. If I remeber rightly you come from from this sort of extended family too.