Friday, 3 November 2017

Good Health - Sundays 5)

Either there were five Sundays in this month or we just forgot to stop celebrating!


The Greeks, and probably every culture, has a saying  ' if you have good health, you have everything'

The Greek family sees this as a fundamental of a good life.  Money can't buy good health.  Money can't buy happiness.
With good health though, anything is possible.

At celebratory church services we send  along a loaf, or loaves, of bread to be blessed along with a list of the names of all family members (including mine) whose names are read out by the Priest 'peri ygeias'  for continued good health.

My youngest grandson has a problem with his kidneys, one we hope will improve as he gets older.  When he was first diagnosed his parents held a church service  for his good health.  I made the five sweet loaves as an offering,  They were the best I have ever baked.  Lots of love was put into the kneading and baking of them !   The service was attended by extended families on both sides  in a little church at the beach.

Our neighbours recently held a service to give thanks for a doctor's report showing five years clear of cancer for their son-in-law.

On this 5th Sunday we held a family gathering to celebrate the favourable end to a short bout of illness, some successful surgery and the robust constitution of our most important family patriarch.  Just the immediate family this time.

On our back verandah.

Food for every taste, all  cooked without salt so youngest grandson can eat with the rest of us.  That's him with his mouth around a homemade souvlaki and pita bread.  Looks to be blooming with health don't you think!

Good Health to You All

Hippocrates   Father of Medicine

- A wise man ought to recognise that health is his most valuable possession

- Everyone has a doctor in him or her; we just have to help it in its work.  The natural healing force within each of us is the greatest force in getting well.

 -Our food should be our medicine, our medicine our food

- Walking is man's best medicine


  1. Interesting post and how others live. It has a philosophy running through it about givig thanks for good health that many others could learn from.

    1. Certainly a different way of thinking. They are are very aware here that giving thanks , showing gratitude, not only for health, is most important.
      There is a church service for every situation. That atmosphere and showing of gratitude creates a very positive feeling for everyone.
      My English language is failing me but you get the idea. I should think the Catholic church has similar services

  2. I have sat under the tree where Hippocrates used to teach, on the island of Kos. Yes, I was a typical tourist.

    1. I have only recently heard of this tree. It is a replacement and has been there for about 500 years. Now it has some disease and an 80 year old Japanese man has undertaken its rejuvenation. Hope he succeeds and it is around for another 500 years.

  3. I like so much the idea of giving thanks and showing of gratitude for many aspects of life,we don't always remember it, but we should.

    1. It's a way of life here. The candles they light in the church are often to say thanks for something.

  4. Great news on the cancer. I pray your youngest grandson is well very soon. May you all continue to enjoy the best of health xxx