Wednesday 25 October 2017

Name days and birthdays en famille - Sunday 3)

Third Sunday .........

Are you ready
Hey, are you ready for this
Are you hanging on the edge of your seat?

Another one's down
 another one's down
another one bites the dust

Thank you Freddie, my friend

This Sunday we were celebrating (once again) the name day of our son-in-law, chef, taxi-boat captain and chief people teaser Kyriakos, Κυριακος. Named after his maternal grandfather, one of three boys in the extended family with the same name.

Also a birthday party for daughter, Danae.

Danae  - Δαναη
Mother of the Greek hero Perseus who naturally was fathered by Zeus, who came to Danae in a shower of golden rain.
Named because I liked the name back then and still do.

Our chief chef, Kyriakos

Pork chops, souvlaki and chicken on the grill along with some local pork sausages and a few ocotpus tentacles for the ouzo aperitif

Grilled pita bread, tzatziki and pork souvlaki

29 (she says), getting younger every year.   Ftoo ftoo ftoo, I spit on you my dear

 Note the octopus hung out to dry before it too goes on the barbie

A plateful of stewed snails

If you're not a great sucker-outa then the snails can be removed from their shells with a toothpick.  Naked snails look rather gross!


Tables set out in the lower yard which gets the afternoon sun

The three Graces
Aglaia (brightness), Euphrosyne (joyfulness) and Thalia (adornment)

These three don't need a drink to enjoy themselves

The next Sunday-post is a farewell to the Captain in the family, off to sea again


  1. So much joy and beauty in your family, i like the greek names, they have a beautiful sound.(and i miss smoking cigarrets so much...), and the food,it looks like heaven:)

    1. Lots of people still smoke here....until their doctor tells them to stop.

      I like the sound of the greek names too. I'm glad I was able choose Danae's name. My first daughter is Eleni after her greek grandmother

  2. Happy names day and happy birthday
    Xronia polla!
    I too spit on you. For a good reason lol

  3. As usual, you make me jealous. Oh that we had such wonderful family meals; my family is spread throughout the world (none in Greece, sadly).

    1. Although my 'other' family is also far away I never feel alone or lonely. It does bring a feeling of belonging in this foreign land. The 'intrigues' of a close knit family are a little tiring but always short lived. Life without ups and downs would be so boring....they say

  4. I love your daughters' names. It must be lovely to be part of such a big extended family. The food looks good. I only ever had snails once, in France, and loved them. I thought they were going to be horrible and they were like nectar, smothered in garlic.

    1. The extended family does have its plus side. You've always got people who care and will help whatever happens. Certainly I'm not a 'stranger' in this crowd. It's nice to know my way around and have people who understand whatever odd thing I might do!
      Snails...depends entirely on the sauce as to how tasty they are!!