Wednesday 23 August 2017

Reporting from the Greek isles

'Waves' a waterproof couch which floats .

A couch which floats and you don't have to blow it up.  Two greeks designed these couches.  From what their web site, Inomo, says they
 are made out of fibreglass.  They are 2 metres across,  handmade and can be used on land or sea. Available in a variety of colours  I'm sure they are very popular on the island of Myconos where the rich and famous lounge around on them as part of their 2,000 euro a night package deal. 


For a Grecophile who has every kind of souvenir a tatty gift shop can stock, the Santorini board game 
can immerse you in hours of Greek fun and games.

 A real-estate board game set on the volcanic greek island of Santorini.  The model Cycladic cavehouses and hotels used in the game are designed by a  local artist.  It sounds like  monopoly  with greek villages, cave houses and donkeys.  And the cards give you information on each site so you can learn as you play. 

Have fun.  

Wine Ice Cream ..

Greek ice cream makers from Thessaloniki, the capital of Northern Greece, have cooked-up an icey dessert which will make both wine drinkers and ice cream lovers very happy.  

They are not the first to have this idea but their ice cream is made using 6 greek grape varieties.  

For some reason they have named it Ice cream Darling and most of it is being exported.

Some of the Flavours?
Asyrtiko (name of the grape ) and lemon
Xinomavro and vanilla cream
Moschofilero with fig
Malagouzia and peach

To make your own wine ice cream just Google.  You'll find a pleasing recipe using  sweet Italian red wine, 
another for sangria sorbet, and a very simple recipe using only white wine, sugar and heavy cream.  

Kali orexi.  Bon appetit

   Mamma Mia goes to Croatia                                                                                                    

The sequel to the musical Mamma Mia is not going to be filmed in Greece.  It will be filmed on the Croatian island of Vis this autumn.  

The hit movie featuring the music of ABBA and starring Meryl Streep was filmed on the greek island of Skopelos.  The sequel is titled Mamma Mia, Here we go Again.

 Along with all the money the sequel would have brought into the country, we'll be losing the flood of tourists who came to see for themselves the picturesque greek island where the film was set.

Croatia is becoming popular with film producers.  Game of Thrones,  Star Wars and Robin Hood were all produced in Croatia.




  1. I love the floating couches
    Not sure about the wine ice cream but I'd give it a go
    Unfortunate about mama Mia. It would of been nice to have more mooney coming into the country

    1. Something to do with tax benefits which the greek govt wont give them. It is always money but in the long run greece will be the losers. Great pity. I know Skopelos got loads of Mama Mia tourists. My brother and his family were planning to go there soon.

  2. For me the wine ice cream , looks great to me.

    1. I really am going to try this and write a post about it. I would have made it before but I need sweet wine and I'll have to search in the supermarket for that

  3. I need some wine ice cream today or wine sorbet!

    That is really sad they they are setting Mamma mia in Croatia... From the water when sailing Croatia looks more like Italy that Greece. The buildings are very slightly different but you can tell. The house are a lot of limestone or that beige colour... rather than white. or they paint them a yellow colour. heck what a blow to the economy

    1. Croatia is very popular with tourists from down under. They are all going there after visiting us or arriving from there. Seems similar in many ways to Greece but with its own 'colour'

    2. its because it is cheap to stay there and eat there I suspect. but you would think some of these writer would have it in the contracts that it should be filmed in the place it is set. As they went to the trouble of writing it there they should do it there if possible. it is possible. They did it before. I think its sad.

  4. 'they' should be doing everything and anything to get these films made here. Would be great for tourism and the economy. Stupidity of politicians.
    NZ has hobbits. Those star war sites in where? Jordan? Egypt? Wherever, are still popular tourist attractions.