Thursday, 2 February 2017

Car Trials...

A recent trip to the big city to renew our  'exhaust emissions card' turned into a bit of a marathon but thankfully not a greek drama.

A half hour out the car started making creaky/shaky noises.  How else can I describe it.  I didn't actually hear the noises myself.  The only thing I expect from a car is that when I turn the key it starts up and moves.  Any noises it makes are 'car noises'. All sounds the same to me, unless a wheel falls off, I guess.

As you do here, K phoned his friendly service man and described the noises he could hear.  Friendly service man diagnosed over the phone and advised ' turn around and come back'.  So we did.

The 'boys' took it out for a test drive.  I had nothing better to do than take some photos.

Our automobile repair shop

This car is in excellent condition, it has a huge blue eye  hanging over the dashboard protecting it from evil car spirits

After returning, the 'boys' poked about under the chassis, jiggled the tyres and decided it was just a wheel out of  sync.  The conversation turned to more serious things, like the lack of fish and what bait might just tempt them to nibble at a hook

And the one that got away was t-h-i-s big

No charge from friendly service man.

Petrol prices in the wop-wops.  City prices are much less

Next stop the wheel balancing place.  A friendly Pakistani refugee fixed them up in 5 minutes and charged us 5 euros.  Great service.

If the diagnosis is a bit more serious you can always pop across the road to this little chapel and light a candle

Just up the road was another repair shop and outside was sitting a little green car.  The family is having trouble with malignant auto imps at the moment .  Daughter's little green car has engine trouble.

On the road again and apparently all shaky/creaky noises have stopped.

The exhaust emissions place.  5 minutes and 12 euros got us a new 12 month card.

Plenty of time left for a half litre of wine and some grilled sardines.    

When a man opens a car door for his wife it is either a new car or a new wife.
- Prince Phillip


  1. This looks just like the garage we use. I am waiting for a lift down there right this minute.

    1. These guys know how to fix anything....hope you get your car and all is well.

  2. I like the little chapels that you have there,a good idea for getting some peace of mind.

  3. This one was actually in someone's back yard but when you need to light a candle or say a prayer there will be a small church somewhere near. They are everywhere

  4. Ha. The garage I use for my two-yearly road worthiness test is also AUTOVISION; I had no idea they were international.

  5. Didn't know either. Theyre quick, efficient and give us a phone call when were next due for the warrant

  6. Good to hear your car had no demons or evil spirits.