Friday 15 April 2016

The Old Ways

In remembrance.  The first poppies are out in time for ANZAC day, 25th April. 
ANZAC - Australian and New Zealand Army Corp

These poppies are growing in a clump of chamomile.  The smell is wonderful.  The chamomile can be picked and dried, spread out on a sheet or tablecloth in the sun for a few days and then stored in an old pillow case.  It makes a soothing tea.

As I was driving down to Poros town this morning I encountered a funeral procession.  After the funeral service in one of the three big churches the hearse very slowly  proceeds to the graveyard followed by all the mourners on foot.

In the old days as the procession passed the cafes everyone would stand up and keep silence till it passed.  Cars on the other side of the road would stop, anyone in the car would step out and wait before going on and no car would overtake the hearse.  If you got stuck behind a funeral it was 'just too bad'.

When passing the Naval School, any sailors outside would stop what they were doing and face the road .

This morning I stopped my quad bike as usual, took off my helmet (yes, I am one of the few who always wears one) and stepped on to the footpath, showing respect for the dead and their relatives.  I was mightily surprised to see that although some other people in cars did the same there were a few who not only continued on but some that over took the whole cavalcade.

Times they are a changing.

The deceased was an old woman of over 90 and had only 5 mourners behind the hearse.  The smallest funeral I have ever seen here.

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