Thursday 23 July 2015

church supplement and photos

Sometimes you need something to break up the text.  Yesterday's was a wee bit meaty but I sent it off before succumbing to the heat.  So here are some photos to break the monotony.

Just a note about greek church services.  They are mostly informal, sometimes VERY.  At the little churches where the service takes place inside with the congregation outside everyone sits or stands, walks around, chats and gossips, crossing themselves where appropriate, wandering up to light candles or kiss an icon.  Children run around and are hissed at or hugged by parents, hairy aunts and adoring godparents. Seating is on walls, handy rocks or cement benches. At weddings and baptsims it is common for the priest to stop the ceremony a few times and tell everyone to be quiet and listen to the holy words he is saying.  Church is a social occasion.

Another of the panoramic views of Poros and harbour from Elli's rooftop terrace - with friends and family

the little church beside the sea where grandson Jamie was
baptised a few years ago.  Duck as you go through the door

Papa Georgi and his chanter in preparation for dunking Jamie.  He went under three times

Linda enjoying an iced coffee (frappe)

bottles of pickled olives and some of last summers hot peppers

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